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Meeting the Challenge of Political Governance

Speech before the Negros Press Club

The former Japanese ambassador once told me there are three most prominent lies on earth. One, when a delinquent American tenant tells his landlord the check is in the mail. Two, when a Japanese lover tells you he is more romantic than a Frenchman. The biggest lie of them all is when a Filipino politician tells you he is about to deliver a very short speech.

To the newly inducted officers of the Negros Press Club, to the respected members of the Negrense media, ladies and gentlemen, good evening.

I am honored to be here today to talk about meeting the challenge of political governance in the context of today’s political morality. Governance, both political and economic, is a prime theme and rightly so. Without accountability, it is difficult for our country to take off and I am with you in realizing this reality.  Continue reading “Meeting the Challenge of Political Governance”