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Discussing the Anti-Terrorism Bill Before the Rotary Club of Manila

At the meeting of the Rotary Club of Manila, Sen. Lacson holds the proposed Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 – and its critics – to the Rotary’s Four-Way Test. Sen. Lacson also answered questions on the Anti-Terrorism Bill after the speech.

Good afternoon.

It is good to once again see familiar faces, virtually at least. I am certain that moving from physical meetings and events to the digital realm is something that is new to all of us. Nevertheless, I find comfort in knowing that this pandemic could not shake the dedication of a Rotarian spirit in living up to its overarching motto: Service above self.

Your invitation says I have 30 minutes to speak. Since there are many points to cover in our virtual discussion today, I will cut to the chase and go straight to the issues at hand.

For the past couple of weeks, among the trending topics that have been dominating the mainstream and social media platforms is the Anti-Terrorism Bill, which as we speak, is awaiting the signature of the President. Unfortunately, the ongoing campaign against this proposed measure, heavily influenced by massive misinformation and disinformation, unfairly devalues the importance of this legislative measure on many fronts.

Hence, as the principal sponsor and one of the authors of the bill, it is incumbent upon me to take every available platform to shed light on the legislative intent and merit of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, as proposed.

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Speech Before the Rotary Club of Manila

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A crowd like this always evokes a strong feeling of sentimentality. Like most of you in this hall, I am certainly at the point in my life where I often turn my gaze back over the past and see if those years have really mattered — not only for myself, but for the people who have entrusted me a seat in public office, and for my country that has given me so much in my present life.

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Lacson: Guard vs Possible Graft in Implementation of P9-T Infra Program

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Ping: Publiko, Obligasyon na Bantayan ang P9-T Proyektong Imprastraktura

Related: Lacson: Guard vs possible graft in implementation of P9-T infra program

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Speech Before the Rotary Club of Makati Central

Delivered at the New World Hotel, Makati City

Italian poet Cesare Pavese said, and I wish to paraphrase: “Men do not tend to remember days. They remember moments.”

Every time we look back to stories of the past, we cannot always tell specifically what happened “before” and “after,” what really transpired in between, who did what, and why. However, if we recall every important event in our lives – those that were so crucial and transformative – we can easily single out one very striking episode and say:  that moment changed everything.

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Serving Others by Creating Equal Opportunity

Speech before the Rotary Club of Manila, Manila Polo Club, Makati City

After I accepted your invitation as your guest speaker today courtesy of Mr. Mon Pedrosa, a hearing on the WB mess was subsequently scheduled on this same day. So I requested Rotarian Mon if I could arrive just a little late, 1 p.m., 1:30 p.m., so I would be able to participate and spend more time asking questions in the WB hearing.

What I got from Mon was a big flat ‘No,’ with the threat that if I arrived late, he would be very embarrassed and be left with no option but to resign from the Rotary. I love Rotary, being a Rotarian myself, and I cannot allow Mon, a good Rotarian, to resign from the Rotary. In fact, I am a proud Rotarian. I used to be a very proud Rotarian until Jocjoc Bolante barged into the scene.

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Legacy of Corruption

Speech before the Rotary Club of Makati, The Peninsula Manila

Only last Friday, I was here in Makati joining tens of thousands of our countrymen who represented tens of millions of other Filipinos who thought enough is enough of corruption and cover-ups yet unprecedented in Philippine history.

The government’s response is, the economy is doing great. That the peso is relatively stronger is a fact. That the economic indicators show good numbers is another fact.

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Corrupt-Free 2010

Speech before the Rotary Club of Downtown Manila, Corregidor Function Room, Century Park Hotel, Manila

Good evening.

Once a Japanese ambassador told me there are 3 most common lies on earth. No. 1 lie, is when an American tenant tells his landlord, the check is in the mail. It is not to be believed. No. 2 lie, when a Japanese lover tells you that he is more romantic than a Frenchman, don’t believe him. And the 3rd most common lie is when a politician tells you he’s about to deliver a short speech. Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Rotarians, don’t worry. This is going to be a short speech.

Let me first thank president Henry for giving me the opportunity to be here and share my views on corruption, poverty and what 2010 should mean for all of us.  Continue reading “Corrupt-Free 2010”

Where Honor Has Become Alien

Speech before the Rotary Club of Quezon City, Club Filipino, San Juan City

I speak to you tonight in what can best be described as living in the worst of times, which collectively we can make the best of times.

We are incessantly told, through media and public pronouncements, that the economy is on a roll. The proof, we are told, is that the peso is at a seven-year high compared to the weakening American dollar.

The proof, we are told, is that the stock market is booming, where even worthless paper sells for ten times its book value.  Continue reading “Where Honor Has Become Alien”


Speech before the Rotary Club of Manila East

There are three things we Rotarians must not believe. One, when your delinquent tenant tells you that the check is in the mail. Second, when your fellow Rotarian tells you that he’s going home straight from a Rotary meeting. And three, when a politician guest speaker promises to deliver a short speech. My fellow Rotarians, don’t worry. My speech tonight won’t be very long.

I do not recall any previous invitation by the Rotary Club of Manila East and San Miguel. I will not ask why. But I will tell you why I am here tonight.

My main message is one and simple. Call it immutable and it is. We have but one country. All we need are very good leaders to inspire us.  Continue reading “We Have But ONE COUNTRY”