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Co-Sponsorship Speech: Committee Report 270 (Conversion of a Municipality into a Component City)

Mr. President, fellow members of this august chamber, I have the honor to co-sponsor Committee Report No. 270 — a proposed bill that will allow our municipalities to sustain economic viability by attaining cityhood through an exemption from the requirements for city conversion and at the same time, ensure fiscal equity among our existing cities with the adoption of the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) portability.

Mr. President, the principles of creating a sovereign state are simple: the population must be numerous enough to preserve a political entity; its land large enough to sufficiently provide for its people.

Testament to this are the small states such as Monaco, the island state of Naura, Tuvalu, and San Marino — none of them having a land area bigger than 25 square kilometers and population of over 35,000, yet all of them have attained the status as independent states.

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“It would be utterly unfair to the inhabitants of municipalities to forever foreclose their right to tbe benefits of cityhood simply because such municipalities’ land area and population is less than that required under the Local Government Code.”