Statement on the Suspension of the $330-M ZTE Deal

It would have given us more comfort if the government suspended the project to review its viability and cost-effectiveness. The next question is, for how long will it remain suspended?

The announcement, however, should not deter the Senate committees from pursuing the investigation on the ZTE national broadband network contract. The people want the truth and nothing less.

On the other hand, the suspension of the deal is redundant, but deemed necessary by Malacañang especially after the dismal performance of its Cabinet members in trying to defend the deal before the Senate hearing on the matter.

Indeed, no amount of fancy terms and technicalities could convince the senators – and the public – from harboring a sense of distrust about the nature of the deal. Thus the suspension order, announced on a weekend with “executive privilege” written all over it, to cover the stench of a stinking deal.