Ping Scoffs at GMA Plan to Appoint Opposition at Comelec

Saying it is too late for President Arroyo to placate the opposition, Senator Panfilo Lacson yesterday scoffed at her reported plan to appoint opposition personalities as commissioners of the Commission on Elections. 

“There can never be a right way to do the wrong thing. When President Arroyo started doing all the wrong things in this country, mostly for self-aggrandizement and political survival, every attempt she makes to do right will end up wrong,” Senator Lacson said.

He added that it is too late for President Arroyo to mollify not only the oppositions but also the citizenry amid her copious wrongdoings against the Filipino people.

“It is too late for her to placate the opposition and the people of this country. Unfortunately for GMA, history is done with its judgment on her, and the verdict is worse than any leader this country has ever known,” Senator Lacson said.

President Arroyo had earlier granted pardon to former president Joseph Estrada who was convicted for plunder by the Sandiganbayan.

Acting Comelec Resureccion Borra revealed Monday that Malacanang had sought the Comelec’s comments on a short list of nominees to fill up the four vacant positions at the poll agency.

The list includes lawyers Rene Saguisag and Rufus Rodriguez who are both closely identified with President Estrada. Saguisag served as Estrada’s lead counsel while Rodriguez, who is now Cagayan De Oro representative, as spokesman.