Lacson: Palace Response to Corruption ‘Only in the Philippines’

Only in the Philippines.

This was how Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson lamented the response of Malacañang to yet another survey indicating she is the “most corrupt” country’s history. 

“In other societies, such widespread indictment would be enough to make a leader resign. In Mrs. Arroyo’s case, it further fuels her motivation to work for the extension of her term via Charter Change. Only in the Philippines,” Lacson said.

He added Malacañang has developed a habit of turning to its “poster boy” on corruption, Tony Kwok, former head of the Hong Kong-based Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). Kwok was tapped as a consultant against corruption in 2005.

Lacson said it is high time the Palace stopped skirting the issue by casting aspersions on the survey, noting “survey after survey after survey” had shown Mrs. Arroyo and her administration to be mired in corruption.

The Pulse Asia survey showed 42 percent of Filipinos thought Mrs. Arroyo was the “most corrupt” president in the country’s history since the Marcos administration.

About 45 percent of Filipinos thought that the Arroyo administration was plagued with the “most intense allegations” of corruption, followed by the Marcos administration with 31 percent.