Lacson Bats for Slash in Gov’t Corporation Officials’ Perks

Opposition Sen. Panfilo Lacson batted Monday to slash the perks and allowances of officers of government corporations that run on big subsidies from the national government. 

Lacson voiced concerns the subsidies for some government corporations may find their way to perks and allowances of some directors and officials.

“Sana bawasan ng incentive ang mga directors or officer ng government corporation, incentive for incurring losses. It doesn’t make sense to me (At the very least, I hope the incentives for directors and officers of government corporations will be lessened. It’s like we are giving them an incentive for continuing to incur losses),” he said at Senate deliberations on the budget of the proposed agriculture department for 2009.

He noted “practically all” government corporations are now being subsidized, with the National Food Authority (NFA) looming as the “next” National Power Corp. (Napocor).

Government critics had tagged Napocor as a huge white elephant because of the subsidies it continues to get despite the huge losses it incurs.

“Practically all government corporations are being subsidized. The total amount for subsidy is quite huge for the 2009 budget,” Lacson noted.

In the NFA’s case alone, he said the agency stands to get a subsidy of P3.6 billion for 2009.

“What’s the wisdom of maintaining government corporations? If the subsidies go to the intended purpose, what I’m concerned about, baka sa perks and allowances ng directors and officials mapupunta ang subsidies (I am concerned the subsidies will find their way to perks and allowances of directors and officials),” Lacson said.