Lacson Camp: FG Lawyer’s ‘Denials’ to Trigger Added Evidence

If he repeatedly claims the appointments book linking First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo to a contractor blacklisted by the World Bank is fake, the first gentleman’s lawyer may find himself facing photos, love letters, and other evidence. 

Gerry de Belen, media relations chief of Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson, said he may produce the added evidence if Atty. Arroyo’s lawyer Ruy Rondain continues to insist the appointments book is fake.

“Pag iginiit ni Rondain na peke ang appointment book, mapipilitan kaming ilabas ang iba pang mga kasamang dokumento na ibinigay sa amin ni Udong, pati mga litrato at love letters,” de Belen said.

Udong is Eugenio Mahusay Jr., a former aide of the first gentleman who testified on the Jose Pidal accounts in 2003 before he was “rescued” by presidential guards.

Mahusay had given Lacson the appointments book and several other pieces of evidence. The appointments book showed Atty. Arroyo met with Eduardo de Luna 20 times in 2002 alone.

De Luna was one of the contractors blacklisted by the World Bank for alleged collusive practices for World Bank-funded projects, but is the only one permanently debarred.