Join Campaign vs Pretenders to Presidency, Ping Invites Chiz

Now that he has withdrawn from the presidential race, Sen. Francis Escudero should now focus his efforts to fight off pretenders to the presidency next year. 

The invitation came from fellow opposition senator Panfilo M. Lacson, who said their common goal now is to make sure Filipinos choose an honest leader.

“Now that Sen. Escudero and I stand on the same ground, I hope we will continue to be one in pursuing our common objective of helping the Filipino electorate choose our next leader worthy of their votes, one who will not take advantage of his power and position to enrich himself in office then engage in transactional politics to cover up for his sins,” Lacson said.

Last June, Lacson withdrew from the presidential race, saying he lacked the resources to keep up with his wealthier opponents who can afford frequent daily ads on radio and television.

He lamented that even if he tried to communicate the truth to people, limited funds forced him to “bow” to the reality of the race being for those with access to unlimited funds.

But he said he hopes to have Escudero join him in campaigning against “pretenders” to the presidency who turn out to be traditional politicians intent on fooling Filipino voters before and after the elections.

“I hope Chiz will also join me in campaigning against the pretenders to the presidency who are the traditional politicians out to deceive and fool us all before and after they get elected,” he said.