Modus Operandi: Using Jailed Convicts to Commit the ‘Perfect Crimes’

At the Senate hearing on the GCTA and related issues, Sen. Lacson stressed the need to resolve the problem involving the capacity of convicts to commit crimes, and put forward the “perfect alibi” of physical impossibility.


Perfect Alibi:

Sen. Lacson asked authorities for records of crimes involving convicts who can cite as their defense the “physical impossibility” of being at the crime scene. “Modus operandi ito, that’s the perfect alibi, physical impossibility. How can he commit a crime outside the prison’s area kung walang record nasa labas siya kasi ang record sa loob siya. So perfect ang kanyang defense.”

Mahirap i-convict yan if at all. Perfect ang alibi. If I’m a detainee, (I can say) I’m in NBP, but here’s 2 witnesses identifying him positively as the one who perpetrated the crime… You have to prove first nakalabas siya. E walang record. Gabi sila lumalabas, gabi rin pumapasok of course in conspiracy with the prison guards. So wala ring magtestify na nakalabas.”

“What we are trying to resolve here, ang capacity ng convicts to commit crimes, and put forward that alibi the defense of physical impossibility. Kung di maso-solve, labas pasok ang preso to commit crimes and then go back and use that alibi or defense, physical impossibility.”

“When I was still a captain sa Philippine Constabulary, may nangyaring ganyan. Murder of a bank manager in Divisoria. Ang suspect, preso. Pero may positive id sa suspect. When we pursued we found out na (ang suspect) convicted, reclusion perpetua. We filed the case and di ko nasundan kung na-convict.”

BuCor Official Fearing Convicts:

“Even (former) Director (Franklin) Bucayu confided gusto niya mag-resign kasi takot siya pati siya mapatay. BuCor director takot mapatay ng preso. Wala na talaga.”

Two-Pronged Approach vs Criminality:

Sen. Lacson reminded police to observe the two-pronged approach vs criminality, crime prevention and crime suppression. “You have to approach the problem 2 ways. Isang prevention isang suppression. One is equally important as the other kung suppression nagfa-fail, hindi ma-resolve issue ng criminality.

“Ang crime suppression you have to solve. Kung hindi ka nag-solve you will encourage more crimes to be committed. Ito ang other aspect of addressing criminality. Pag ok kay sa prevention pero pag di mo solve di mo suppress. Kaya namin paikutin ang pulis, wantonly commit kami ng crimes. Di naman kaya ng pulis.”

Meanwhile, Lacson stressed the need to solve high-profile crimes swiftly. “During our time iba trato namin sa high profile cases kasi yan nagke-create ng perception of inefficiency. High profile napaguusapan yan eh. So you have to exert focused effort to resolve. Otherwise ang perception maski mataas crime solution efficiency ang perception inefficient pa rin ang pulis.”