On Justice Carpio’s Interpretation of the Anti-Terrorism Bill

With all due respect to former Justice Antonio Carpio, who I continue to admire and respect, he is mistaken on several material points in his interpretation on the contents of the Anti-Terrorism Bill.

I had addressed many of the concerns he raised, in my letter reply to the Integrated Bar of the Philippines. I hope those who share his concerns take time to read it.

After reading the transcript of his remarks before the Management Association of the Philippines yesterday, I think he has made up his mind on his interpretation, so in the meantime I will leave it at that.

That said, I am scheduled to speak before the same MAP membership meeting on June 24, and I will have the opportunity to respond point by point to the constitutional issues and concerns that he raised as guest speaker of the same forum.


One thought on “On Justice Carpio’s Interpretation of the Anti-Terrorism Bill”

  1. Gdpm Sen.Ping, hope our Ombudsman can stand for the truth of anomalous done by Sec Duque at DOH ,it seems that he is not analyzing the data of covid19 since from the start of virus, he is incompetent during pandemic, so many instances of wrong statement,over pricing of ppe’s and equipments and not giving the right subsidy for the healthworkers who risk their lives and die due to covid19. I hope and pray that this will be an eye opener for IATF and Pres. Digong. And hope to hear from the Senate your thoughts and insights. More power Senator for all your advocacy. God bless and stay safe.

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