On the Resignation of Lt. Gen. Parlade as NTF-ELCAC Spokesperson

Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr. made me aware of his resignation letter more than a month ago when he paid me a courtesy visit in my Senate office. I thanked and commended him even as that resignation was still subject to the approval of higher authorities.

There is no question about his passion to do his role in ending the longest-running insurgency in Asia, and I still believe that the NTF-ELCAC is a long overdue solution to the “water lily” tactical maneuvers being employed by the CPP-NPA to maintain their influence over previously cleared barangays.

I too believe that without infrastructure, livelihood and social development interventions by the national government after all successful counter-insurgency operations by our security forces in clearing those barangays of the NPA presence, it can only result in a Sisyphus-like situation with no clear solution in sight.

That said, the Senate’s legal position on the issue is clear – that his appointment as an active military officer in a civilian position is clearly proscribed by the Constitution, and whatever legal discussion or debate on his official designation in a civilian office while still in the active military service has now become moot and academic. I am glad it has ended that way.