On Handling the Covid Delta Variant: Proactive Approach Needed

It is sad that as individuals, we have developed this wrong attitude of checking on our medicine cabinets at home only when somebody already gets sick or hurt, when we should always be prepared with making available medicines for common colds, cough, fever as well as unexpected injuries and emergencies.

But it is pathetic that our national health authorities are no different, being reactive instead of proactive. Knowing the Delta variant has already gripped India and Indonesia, it seems they have not prepared adequately.

The reports involving the vessels from Indonesia that moored in Butuan – where the crew became potential spreaders of the Delta variant – are a case in point to highlight that “medicine cabinet” attitude of our authorities. It seems nothing has changed from early 2020, when our health officials failed miserably in the conduct of contact tracing on the fellow passengers of a Wuhan couple who traveled from Cebu to Dumaguete and Manila. Worse, government refused to close our borders to travelers from Mainland China when we already knew that the first known COVID-19 patient came from Wuhan, China in December 2019.

That said, the first order of the day for the next leader of the country is to scout for a more qualified and better person at the helm of the Health Department, and make sure that business and health don’t mix especially during a time of extreme emergency like the pandemic.

Also, the public sector must always take the lead and initiative from the private sector in addressing health emergencies, but not to a point of discouraging the latter from being partners in the endeavor. For, if the private sector has taken the initiative, it can only mean that the government is failing to address the problem at hand. Sadly, it is what is happening.


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  1. Hi Ping. Delta Variants were from the western vaccines. Wanna know that? Read all the vaccine inserts. The DOH are lying to all of you.

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