On Ramon Ang’s Willingness to Sell Petron Back to Government

If there is one patriot among the country’s leading business leaders, Mr. Ramon Ang is definitely up in the ranks. His willingness to sell back Petron to the government is one proof of that.

He has displayed his philanthropic acts many times in the past. I can mention many other names whom I had the privilege of working with, especially when I was given the difficult task to coordinate rehabilitation efforts after Typhoon Yolanda struck and devastated Central Philippines in November 2013, leading up to the crafting of the Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Recovery Plan in a record time of just six months.

Mr. Ricky Razon, Ms. Tessie Sy-Coson, the Ayalas, the Aboitizes, the late George Ty and sons are just some of the big names in the Philippine business sector who unselfishly volunteered their resources and more when they were needed most. They continue to be very consistent in this regard.

They are the unsung heroes of our time.