Lacson: Presidency a Responsibility, Not an Obsession

The presidency is a calling and a responsibility to the Filipino people, and should not be an obsession.

Sen. Panfilo “Ping” M. Lacson stressed this on Sunday as he noted those who make the presidency an obsession resort to lying, destroying others – or making fools of themselves.

“If you make the presidency an obsession, you will lie, deceive, destroy others, even make a fool of yourself to win it. Best to treat is as a calling, a responsibility and an obligation to the people,” he said in a post on his Twitter account Sunday morning, before heading for Catarman in Northern Samar for his and Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III’s Online Kumustahan.

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Lacson is running for President under Partido Reporma, with Sotto as his Vice President under the Nationalist People’s Coalition.

Earlier, Lacson pointed out that going for the presidency is a sacred duty – thus the need to prepare for the job by consulting experts in various fields while helping the electorate become more mature.

He added this is why he and Sotto present their platform of government to the public instead of resorting to “entertainment politics,” as well as refrain from speaking ill of other aspirants.