Lacson-Sotto Tandem Offers ‘Concrete, Implementable and Future-Proof’ Strategy

Concrete, implementable, and future-proof.

These three words characterize the platform of government being offered to Filipinos by Sen. Panfilo “Ping” M. Lacson and Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III.

Lacson said these will lead to good governance, which is the only thing that can unlock the potential of the Filipino people.

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“Senate President Sotto and I present ourselves as your Presidential and Vice Presidential aspirants with a concrete, implementable, and future-proof strategy not only to make us survive, but more importantly, to make us thrive as a nation,” Lacson said at a lunch with local government and business leaders in Dumaguete City over the weekend.

“We have our greatest asset in this country, our people. You, the business sector, the youth, local government officials. Yan ang greatest asset natin na hindi nata-tap (You are the greatest assets that have yet to be tapped). Unfortunately I’m sorry we don’t have good governance,” he said.

He said their program of government is anchored on bureaucratic and fiscal discipline, as well as leadership by example. Lacson is running under Partido Reporma while Sotto is running under the Nationalist People’s Coalition.

Lacson said the country now faces very serious problems such that voters cannot afford to vote for the wrong candidates – including those who resort to entertainment instead of presenting their platforms of government.

“We’re selling ourselves but in a way that we present our platform of government. We don’t resort to entertainment,” he said.