Lacson: Verification of Candidates’ YouTube Accounts a Much-Needed Step vs Disinformation

A much-needed and welcome move.

This was how Sen. Panfilo “Ping” M. Lacson described the Commission on Elections’ move to verify the official YouTube accounts of candidates for the 2022 elections.

Lacson, who is running for President under Partido Reporma, said social media platforms have the potential to misinform the public if they are left unchecked.

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“I couldn’t agree more with the Comelec on this move. The use of social media platforms has almost become the qualifying barometer in educating – but ironically, also disinforming to the point of deceiving – our people,” he said.

Also, Lacson expressed hope that similar moves to encourage responsibility and accountability on other social media platforms can be done soonest, or at least before the campaign period starts in February next year.

This will help greatly in preparing Filipino voters to select the right leader on May 9, 2022, he added.

“Left unchecked, social media could lead to wrong choices of officials who will have the unenviable task of leading our country in its most trying times,” he said.