Lacson: Politics of Service Needed Amid Pandemic, Calamity

Of the two kinds of politics now emerging, the Philippines badly needs one that is anchored on service, not one based on self-interest.

Partido Reporma Chairman and standard-bearer Sen. Panfilo “Ping” M. Lacson stressed this Wednesday as Filipinos continue to reel from a pandemic and the effects of Typhoon Odette.

“During a pandemic and after a calamity, two kinds of politics emerge – the politics of service helps the victims; the politics of interest helps the politicians,” he said on his Twitter account.

Lacson commended the government troops who continue to conduct – without fanfare – relief missions for victims of Odette, which devastated several areas in the country late last year.

Earlier, he thanked the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine Coast Guard for quietly helping deliver relief assistance to areas hit by Odette.

“When the cameras and photo ops stop and the victims are in danger of being forgotten, that’s when the real heroes emerge,” he noted.

In contrast, he reiterated there is never a time for politics of interest, including “calamity politics” where some personalities use disasters for publicity.

Throughout his public life, Lacson has earned a reputation for quietly helping victims of calamities as well as individuals in need.

As a law enforcer, Lacson maintained a “No-Take” policy from gambling lords as well as suppliers and contractors transacting business with the Philippine National Police who offered him hush and grease money.

He also consistently declined reward money from grateful relatives of kidnap victims he rescued without making a big deal out of it, always maintaining that he was only performing his law enforcement duty.

As Senator, he continued his “No-Take” policy by rejecting not just his pork barrel allocations but also lobby money from some sectors in exchange for “favorable” legislation.