On the DOLE’s ‘Clarification’ that Workers are Exempted from the ‘No Vax No Ride’ Policy

Why clarify only now? Why wait for hundreds of commuters to suffer first?

Since the start of the pandemic in our country in early 2020, the national government’s action has always been reactive and late. Even the tapping of the business sector and local government units (LGUs) in the vaccination drive not only came late – their voluntary participation and offering of their own resources was even discouraged by the government through overregulation. Ano ba meron?

That said, those affected by the policy may avail of legal remedies like a class suit. But that is if they are prepared for a protracted legal battle.

It bears repeating that what we need from the national government is a proactive leadership – with a science-based and data-driven approach – to beat this pandemic.