Lacson: Integrity is My Most Prized Possession

Integrity is the most prized possession of Partido Reporma Chairman and standard-bearer Sen. Panfilo “Ping” M. Lacson.

Lacson said he has nurtured this trait throughout his life – including more than 50 years in public service, as a law enforcer and as a lawmaker.

“Yan ang aking pinagmamalaki. Ni minsan hindi ako tumanggap ng suhol kapalit ang serbisyo publiko. Yan ang aking most prized possession in this lifetime (My integrity is what I am proud of. I never accepted any bribe throughout my public service. So it is my most prized possession in this lifetime),” he said in The Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews aired Saturday evening.

As a law enforcer for 30 years, Lacson maintained a “No-Take” policy, rejecting hush and grease money from gambling lords as well as suppliers and contractors transacting with the Philippine National Police.

He also declined reward money from grateful relatives of kidnap victims he rescued.

In 18 years in the Senate, Lacson rejected his pork barrel allocations as well as lobby money from some sectors in exchange for “favorable” legislation.

Lacson also pointed out he has tasted power and knows how to fight the temptations that come with it.

“I’ve tasted power and I know how to handle power through personal experience. Hindi ako abusado at hindi ako corrupt na government official. Yan ang pwede kong ipagmamalaki (I’ve tasted power and I know how to handle it through personal experience. I am not abusive or corrupt. That is something I can be proud of),” he said.