Lacson: Ex-NPA’s Info on Campaign ‘Infiltration’ Really Worrisome

Really worrisome. This was how Sen. Panfilo “Ping” M. Lacson described the information from a former New People’s Army (NPA) cadre indicating that operatives of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP)’s legal fronts may have “infiltrated” the campaign of Vice President Ma. Leonor “Leni” Robredo.

Lacson said the pieces of information disclosed by ex-NPA cadre Jeffrey “Ka Eric” Celiz appeared to jibe with those provided by his own intelligence sources.

“Now, this is really worrisome – my intel sources being validated by Ka Eric, himself a top-ranking NPA surrenderor. Bad if their campaign is infiltrated. Worse if they are a willing partner. I’m more concerned about those who voluntarily joined their rallies but were not aware,” Lacson said in a post on his Twitter account late Wednesday.

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He was referring to information cited by Celiz indicating that members of the CPP and its supposed legal fronts were at the rally of Mrs. Robredo in Cavite last March 4.

Celiz, in a video posted on social media, cited a text message from a former colleague in the CPP-NPA who is now based in Cavite, indicating members of the CPP’s reported legal fronts were brought in from parts of Cavite and even Rizal province. Also, Celiz said there was a budget of P500 per head, of which P200 was spent for transportation and food.

During a hearing on red-tagging which Lacson presided over in November 2020, Celiz said CPP founding chairman Jose Ma. Sison had named several groups as his group’s legal “fronts,” which have infiltrated several sectors. Celiz also said the legal fronts lay the ground for recruiting members to the NPA.

With the information cited by Celiz, Lacson reiterated his warning to those concerned to watch out against being part of a possible coalition government with the CPP, NPA and NDF.

“If those in the campaign were not aware of this, they should consider themselves warned and take appropriate action. If they are a willing partner, they should consider the consequences of their actions – we simply cannot afford to have a coalition government with a movement whose sole objective is to seize power,” Lacson noted.

“Since 1969, our country has suffered from the longest-running insurgency in the world which has caused more than 2,000 deaths and billions of pesos in revolutionary taxes paid to the CPP/NPA, not to mention the destruction of properties of those who refused to ‘cooperate.’ Insurgency, like corruption, must end if we want peace and prosperity,” he added.