Manifesto of Lacson-Sotto Support Group in Bohol

Following is the text of the manifesto of support for Sen. Ping Lacson’s presidential bid from supporters in Bohol who have resigned from Partido Reporma.

Manifesto of Support for Senator Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson in His Candidacy as President of the Republic of the Philippines

26 March 2022

We, the Provincial Leaders of the LACSON SOTTO SUPPORT GROUP in the Province of Bohol, in the interest of transparency in presenting our position in the light of the transfer of support of the Partido Reporma to another candidate, express our strong and continued commitment and unequivocal support to the candidacy of SENATOR PANFILO ‘PING’ LACSON to be the next President of our country. Following the lead of SENATOR LACSON, we are also tendering our irrevocable resignation as members of the Partido Reporma effective today.

From the very beginning, the support that we throw behind SENATOR LACSON was born out of pure volunteerism and not for any other personal considerations. We agreed among ourselves to voluntarily offer our time, money and effort in support of him because we believe that he is the only candidate who has the competence, experience, courage and strength to address the very serious crisis that our country is facing today due to the COVID 19 pandemic, corruption, unemployment, ballooning debt and bullying by China in our exclusive economic zone in the West Philippine Sea.

As patriots who love our country, we chose to support SENATOR LACSON because we believe that we need a leader like him who has a clear vision on what he wants to do for our country and people and a clear plan based on science and hard data on how to accomplish it. As a public servant who is proven to be incorruptible and one who leads by example, we need a leader like SENATOR LACSON who can tame the bureaucracy in embracing Good Governance and restore the full trust of the Filipino people back to the government.

It is in consideration of the foregoing that we sign this Manifesto of Support for SENATOR PANFILO ‘PING’ LACSON in his candidacy as President of the Republic of the Philippines,

Tagbilaran City, Bohol.

Mayor Joseph A. Rañola, co-chairman

Gen. Edgardo C. Ingking, co-chairman

Gen. Joseph Sevilla, 1st district coordinator

Eduardo B. Aranay, 2nd district coordinator

Emmanuel Solomon B. Duites, 3rd district coordinator