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PingBills | Senate Resolution 559, Exercising Oversight Authority over the Defense Sector on the Issue of Red-Tagging/Red-Baiting of Certain Personalities/Groups

“Be it resolved… to direct the Senate Committee on National Defense and Security, Peace, Unification and Reconciliation to exercise its oversight authority over the defense sector on the issue of red-tagging/red-baiting of certain celebrities, personalities, institutions, and organizations, with the end in view of crafting proper guidelines that will prevent misunderstanding between the public and the military and ensuring the protection of the constitutional rights of the people, thereby strengthening the confidence and trust of our people on the professionalism of our military in consonance with the constitutional edict that the AFP is the protector of the people and the state, and that civilian authority is at all times supreme over the military.”

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Read: Senate Resolution 533, Seeking an Inquiry on Issues Surrounding the Malampaya Deep Water Gas-to-Water Project

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“Given the critical role of Malampaya in the country’s energy and overall national development, it is imperative for Congress and the Filipino public to be apprised of the: (1) plans of government for SC 38 given its looming expiration and Malampaya’s declining output; and (2) compliance of government and the consortium with PD 87 and SC 38.” (co-author with Senators Sotto and Gatchalian)

Read: Senate Resolution 493, Expressing the Senate’s Sympathy and Condolences on the Death of Former Sen. Eddie Ilarde

“The passing away of a dedicated public servant, who had lived a full and meaningful life and who had never failed to look back at his humble beginnings, using the same as a constant guide and reminder that the poor and marginalized sector of society deserves no less than what they are entitled to under the Constitution and other existing laws consistent with the saying that those who have less in life must have more in law, is a great loss not only to the bereaved family but to the nation as well.” (co-author with Senators Sotto and Tolentino)

PingBills | Senate Resolution 475, Calling for the Constitution of the Senate Committee of the Whole to Investigate Alleged Corruption in PhilHealth Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

“These rampant and pervasive allegations of corruption, incompetence and inefficiency have systematically impaired the management of PhilHealth to the detriment of this public institution and its members, without any remedial measures to improve competency and exact accountability, thereby endangering PhilHealth’s existence, necessitating the Senate’s intervention to prevent the corporation’s financial collapse.”

Read: Senate Resolution 748, Confirming the Winner of the Global Conceptual Design Competition for the new Senate Building

“Finding a home that the Senate of the Philippines can call its own has long been a standing dream of this institution, and plans of relocating and constructing a permanent Senate building has been proposed and considered as far back as the year 2000 during the Senate Presidency of Senator Aquilino ‘Nene’ Pimentel Jr.”

Lacson: Saan napunta ang P59.8-M allowance ng SAF?

Hahalungkatin ni Senador Panfilo Lacson ang misteryosong di-pagkakabigay sa mga tauhan ng Philippine National Police Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) ng P59.8 milyon na karagdagang subsistence allowance ng mga ito.

Sa pamamagitan ng Senate Resolution 712 na inihain ni Lacson, inatasan nito ang Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs na kanyang pinamumunuan na imbestigahan ang nabanggit na anomalya.

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Lacson Pushes Probe Into P59.8-M PNP-SAF Allowance Row

Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson is pushing a Senate investigation into a P59.8-million mess involving the withholding of daily subsistence allowance and explosive ordnance disposal hazardous pay for the Philippine National Police’s elite Special Action Force.

Lacson said the withholding of such allowances, if true, threatens to demoralize members of the SAF, who are the frontliners in fighting terrorism and criminality.

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Read: Senate Resolution 712, Calling for a Senate Inquiry into Alleged Illegal Withholding of P59.8M Allowances for SAF Personnel

`”We cannot allow, yet again, another injustice to be committed against our heroes in uniform who are in the forefront of our fight against the ills of terrorism and criminality, lest we risk demoralization within their ranks. Thus the need to probe into the said allegations.”

#PingSays: At the hearing on issues surrounding the PCSO | Feb. 12, 2018

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Read: Senate Resolution 580, Calling for the Constitution of the Senate into a Constituent Assembly to Propose Changes to the Constitution

Senate Resolution 580 calls for the constitution of the Senate of the Philippines into a constituent assembly to propose amendments to – or revision of – the Constitution, and upon approval of 3/4 vote of its members adopt the same.