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Her Greatest Enemy: Herself

Speech before the Philippine Councilors League (Region 2)
Cauayan City, Isabela

First of all, let me take this opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Differences notwithstanding, we all will celebrate a Merry Christmas the way we used to. Doubts notwithstanding, we all will welcome the New Year of 2003 into our hearts and dreams.  Continue reading “Her Greatest Enemy: Herself”

Current Challenges

Speech before the Philippine Councilors League (Bohol Chapter)
Bohol Tropics Resort Hotel, Tagbilaran City

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for your very kind invitation. This is my first time to address your Chapter. I understand you represent all of Bohol’s 47 towns and Tagbilaran City. I am profoundly grateful. Indeed, I really am.  Continue reading “Current Challenges”

Peace and Order: The Key to Sustainable Foreign Investments in the Philippines

Speech Before the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Valle Verde Country Club, Pasig City

First of all, I would like to thank all of you – most specially Chair ROSALINDA D. EVANGELISTA – for your very kind invitation. Likewise, let me take this opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Come hell or high water, we all will celebrate a merry Christmas. We all will welcome with hope the New Year of 2003.  Continue reading “Peace and Order: The Key to Sustainable Foreign Investments in the Philippines”


Speech Before the Science City and Community of Munoz, Nueva Ecija

This is my first time to address a science community, the first and only Science City of Muñoz. Thus, I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to all of you, most specially to City Mayor Nestor Alvarez, who is a rare gem in local governance. He is heaven’s gift to the science community of Muñoz.  Continue reading “Commitment”

Nasyonalismo at Demokrasyang Pilipino: Paninindigan at Kapangyarihan ng Mamamayan

Ikalawang Kongreso ng Masa, People’s Movement Against Poverty (PMAP)
UP SOLAIR, Diliman, Quezon City

Bago ang lahat, binabati ko ang mga pinuno at kasapi ng PMAP sa matagumpay na pagdaraos ng inyong Ikalawang Kongreso ng Masa ng isang maalab at mapayapang pagbati.  Continue reading “Nasyonalismo at Demokrasyang Pilipino: Paninindigan at Kapangyarihan ng Mamamayan”

The Community

Speech Before Ranger’s Club
Taal Social Court, Taal, Batangas

You mark today your 42nd anniversary. And tonight you celebrate it with this very inspiring anniversary ball. I am grateful for your kind invitation and I am happy to be here with you.  Continue reading “The Community”

The Lions in Service

Speech Before the Manila Regency Lions Club

Every anniversary is always an occasion for jubilation. When that anniversary means 30 years of service and commitment – such as your anniversary today – then the world must pause and take notice. Let me, then pause and greet the Manila Regency Lions Club a Very Happy 30th Anniversary!  Continue reading “The Lions in Service”

Public Service, Public Security

Speech Before USA Student Council of Iloilo, Iloilo City

Last October 23, I had the opportunity to address the newly-organized confederation of student leaders from our state colleges and universities. I saw something common to all of them. It was the driving force to lead.  Continue reading “Public Service, Public Security”

Hope and the Filipino

Speech delivered before the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines
Mandarin Hotel, Makati City

First of all, I would like to thank the officers and members of FOCAP for inviting me to this forum.

I am here to speak and share my views on the current political, economic and security situation in my country.

Except for the political situation which serves as a source of amusement if not entertainment for our people at times, the economic and security fronts are very depressing and frightening to most of us.  Continue reading “Hope and the Filipino”


Speech Before the Philippine Association of Local Treasurers and Assessors

I know why you have invited me today. You want my support to your proposal to amend certain provisions of the Local Government Code of 1991. I want to assure you now of my support.

I have two suggestions to make, though. One, please share with me during the open forum the details of your proposal. I will be asking some questions. Two, form a dedicated working group from PHALTRA to sit down with my staff. In the meantime, I will inform Senator Aquilino Pimentel of our discussions. He is the father of the Code. And he is committed to improve it before he bows from the Senate.

If you agree with my proposal, then lend me your ears for a few minutes. I have a very important message to deliver. I said this message to the Rotarians of Batangas yesterday. I want to share it also with you.  Continue reading “PHALTRA”

National Security

Speech Before the Rotary Club of Downtown Batangas

It always feels good to be with my fellow Rotarians. Even though I have not been as active when I was in Cebu, the saying goes perpetual right: Once a Rotarian, always a Rotarian.  Continue reading “National Security”

The Road to Leadership

Speech before the Community of Imus, Cavite

I come today to share with you our people’s jubilation and joy. It is our 207th Celebration of Araw ng Imus. Today is our day. Let us make it the best ever.  Continue reading “The Road to Leadership”

After EDSA II Reflections

Speech Before Rotary Club of Biak-na-bato and other Rotary Clubs of Rotary District 3780, Greenhills

Thank you very much for your very kind invitation.

Assistant Governor Danilo Espinosa and President Porfirio Belgica were considerate enough to suggest the topic that I would discuss with you. That is as it should be in every speaking opportunity.

Again, thank you very much.  Continue reading “After EDSA II Reflections”

The President and Public Service

Speech at the Induction Ceremony of Masters in Public Administration Association, Inc. of Western Mindanao State University, Marcian Garden, Zamboanga City

In the life of every association – such as yours – the alpha and omegas are marked by the annual induction of officers. New leaders come in where the others go out. Predecessors give way to successors. As a matter of course.  Continue reading “The President and Public Service”

What We Have Is Now

Speech Before the Members of the Cotabato Electric Cooperative, Tulunan, Cotabato

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to be invited to your 21st Annual General Membership meeting.  Continue reading “What We Have Is Now”

Strong Government

Speech During the 2nd Globalaw Asia-Pacific Regional Conference, Manila Polo Club, Makati City

In my official capacity as Senator of the Republic of the Philippines, I am very happy to welcome all of you to our country. I hope that you will enjoy your short stay. You must.In my official capacity as Senator of the Republic of the Philippines, I am very happy to welcome all of you to our country. I hope that you will enjoy your short stay. You must.

We all are delighted at the degree of importance you place to your second conference as a global organization. That you selected our country to be your venue delights us no end. Let it not be the last. With Fortun, Narvasa, and Salazar Law office, you are in the best company, certainly and absolutely.

Incidentally, I happen to be one of the most celebrated clients of this law office. I honestly do not know whether the celebrity status belongs to the law office or mine. But I can tell you I am being taken care of very properly. Of course, I am also paying my legal fees very religiously.  Continue reading “Strong Government”

My Report Card

Speech before the Question Mark Club, Hagonoy, Bulacan

This is my first time to come to Hagonoy to deliver a speech after last year’s elections. I am greatly honored.

Hagonoy has become the home of titans. One of them is my esteemed mentor at the Senate, the Honorable BIas Ople. He has taught me a lot. I have yet a lot to learn from his vast wealth of experience and intelligence. I hope to ripen into a statesman of his stature someday.

Hagonoy is blessed because of Ka BIas. In fact, the entire nation is.  Continue reading “My Report Card”

This Empire of Darkness

Commencement Exercises of Sultan Kudarat Polytechnic State College

Nothing in this world gives parents the highest sense of achievement than to witness the graduation of their children. When children graduate from school, we know that parents have arrived.

Show me your parents and I will tell you who you are. Congratulations to all the parents of our graduating students.

The next class of people I want to congratulate are the teachers. They are our extended parents.  Continue reading “This Empire of Darkness”

Take a Break!

Speech delivered at the 2002 PMAAA Homecoming (Overseas Chapter), LA, California

On my way to the United States, while on the plane, I was reading the speech prepared by my staff for this occasion. The tone was too political I had second thoughts of using it. Not that this audience would not welcome to hear about the political developments in our country as an interesting subject matter, but I feel we are here on a fellowship gathering so I have chosen to tone it down a bit.

Quite frankly, I am having butterflies in my stomach even as I face you tonight. Having subscribed with our group websites namely plebe and cavaliers as well as the academy cavaliers’ forum, I can more or less draw my own conclusion on what kind of audience I would have here.

Basing such conclusion on the postings I read, let me venture a guess – one third would be cynical at the outset or even before I open my mouth, another third would be non-believers and the remaining third would be unmindful of the things I will say. Never mind. At the end of the day, it is the cavalier spirit that I hope I can bank on to finish my day unscathed or maybe I’m hoping too much.  Continue reading “Take a Break!”

Education, the Best Way Out of Misery

Speech at the Recognition Program of Cavite State University, Indang, Cavite

As a Senator of the Republic, born and raised in our own historic province. I am very happy and honored to be part of today’s Recognition Day of the Cavite State University.  Continue reading “Education, the Best Way Out of Misery”

Paglilingkod sa Bayan

Speech at the Cavite Flag-Raising Ceremony

I am very happy to be with my fellow Cavitenos today. I have come to say my thanks for all your continuing support especially to our beloved governor, Erineo “Ayong” Maliksi.  Continue reading “Paglilingkod sa Bayan”

Mulat ang Bayan sa Takot at Hirap

Pwersa ng Masa Press Conference, Club Filipino

We have survived with flying colors!

There goes Malacañang’s Rigoberto Tiglao jumping and singing his hosanna to Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. For Tiglao, survival with flying colors is not something. It is everything. Talagang may gloria ang bukas ni Tiglao. Siya lang.  Continue reading “Mulat ang Bayan sa Takot at Hirap”

The Business of Government

Speech Before the Philippine Insurers Club

I want to thank all of you – most specially President Jaime Eduardo Villanueva – for your very kind invitation. He asked me to share with you those issues affecting national interest; and therefore, should be brought to the public for consideration. One such public is the insurance industry where you all work.

The most affective issue – then and now – is government and those who govern. Anything that comes from Malacañang is news. So does anything that emanates from Congress. So does the constitutionality of the plunder law from the Supreme Court. So does a sensational murder like that of the late actress Nida Blanca. All of these haunt media people who are in the business of hunting for the news that sells.

Let me first do a short treatise on governing. Thereafter, I shall link it to what government is supposed to deliver – that of the condition of peace and order. Also, as to the organization that delivers such condition – specifically law enforcement.  Continue reading “The Business of Government”

Prevention and Elimination of Crime: A Key to Moral and Economic Recovery

Speech Before Government Association of Certified Public Accountants

First of all, I would like to thank all of you – most specially National President TITO NABUA – for your very kind invitation. I welcome your hand in my new work as Senator. And you can count on my help, too.

This is my first time to address your Association. I am profoundly grateful. And if you plan to invite me again next year, I am now accepting in advance your invitation.

The first thing I want to tell you is what I told my staff as early as June. I told them never to make and take money from anyone and under whatever guise. Public money is for the public, all of it. It must not go to the pocket of any public servant.  Continue reading “Prevention and Elimination of Crime: A Key to Moral and Economic Recovery”

The Dialectic of Terrorism

Speech Before the Philippine Constitution Association

I want to thank all of you – most specially PHILCONSA Chairman Conrado F. Estrella and President Camilo L. Sabio – for your very kind invitation. It is not everyday that one is honored with this opportunity. In fact, not all senators of this republic have been honored with this invitation. The honor is mine today. And I mean to keep it.

The Constitution is what unites us as a Nation, as a People. Those who revere it, are blessed both in their person and in their profession. Those who severe it, are forever harassed both in life and in death.

It was the Nation that I had in mind when a year ago people went to the streets and made their protest against a popularly elected president. It was the Nation that I had in mind when Congress started an impeachment proceeding against him. I was, then, Chief of the Philippine National Police.  Continue reading “The Dialectic of Terrorism”

Tyranny of Corruption in a Soft State

Speech Before the Rotary Club of Chinatown Manila, Century Park Sheraton

I want to thank all of you for your very kind invitation. I am here to listen more and talk less. What you ask is more action and less speeches, better executives and wiser lawgivers.

There are two kinds of crisis in government – then and now. One is the quiet crisis among civil servants whose diminished quality of life persistently produces low morale. The other is the noisy crisis that arises from a lack of responsiveness in the bureaucracy to the citizenry. If we are to address both, is there a need to reinvent and reengineer government?

When we talk of reinvention or reengineering, we want to see a government that works better and costs less. The goal is admirable and beyond argument. There are, however, many questions about the means to achieve it.  Continue reading “Tyranny of Corruption in a Soft State”

A Wake-Up Call

Speech Before the Lions Club of Manila

There is one invitation that can not be subject to refusal. It is a rare invitation, so rare that people in public life dream to receive but do not always get. When such invitation comes, the feeling is one of relief and gratitude. I am referring to the invitation of Senator Ernesto Maceda. Thank you very much, Senator Ernie!

I did not know that Senator Ernie was a Lion. What I knew was the fact that anyone appearing before the Maceda Committee or Committees in the Senate was advised to enter the lion’s den with courage and care. That must have been an intimidating advice.

But those who appeared before Senator Maceda would invariably say that they left the hearings a wiser man than when they entered. I hope to leave your meeting a very wise man, indeed.  Continue reading “A Wake-Up Call”

Of Sacred Cows and Cash Cows

Speech before the Rotary Club-Hiyas ng Bacoor, Heritage Hotel, Pasay City

I would like to thank all of you for your very kind invitation. There is no second home to me other than the company of fellow Rotarians. You and I make mankind our business to serve and protect. Without fear, without favor.  Continue reading “Of Sacred Cows and Cash Cows”

In the Company of Predators

Speech at the Senate Flag-Raising Ceremony

Let me first thank Senate Secretary Oscar Yabes for his very kind invitation. He must have liked my maiden privilege speech last Monday to invite me to deliver my maiden flag-raising speech today.  Continue reading “In the Company of Predators”