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Show No Compromise

Speech during the 16th Grand Alumni Homecoming, Isabela National High School Class of 1984

Were I to present myself, it would bas a country bumpkin born and raised in a little known town in Cavite.

I have gone around the country a few times and talked to a great number of people of different social, political and economic backgrounds – none of these are possible if not for a dream.

Minsan, nangarap ang dalawang magulang na mapag-aral ang kanilang walong anak.  Continue reading “Show No Compromise”

Serving Others by Creating Equal Opportunity

Speech during the Phaltra National Conference and Seminar, The Manila Hotel

If I am not mistaken, this is the third time that I am speaking before this audience.

Not only that. I am sure I have met many of you either in Naga City or Cebu Provincial Capitol Building during the public hearings on the Land Valuation Reform Bill, as well as the discussions on the RESA bill, where a group of officers of the Philippine Association of Municipal Assessors, the Philippine Association of Provincial and City Assessors, and the Association of Treasurers and Assessors of Metro Manila visited my office last year.

The combined intrepidity of Ching Agcaoili, Pearl Segovia, Lina Isorena and Nino Alvina among others, not to mention the strong endorsements coming from PHALTRA, ASTRAMM, PAPCA and PAMAS will certainly leave the 14th Congress no choice but to pass these two important bills, hopefully before Congress goes on sine die adjournment on June 6.  Continue reading “Serving Others by Creating Equal Opportunity”

Patas na Laban, Para sa Lahat

Speech during the Convocation in Silliman University, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

I wish to thank President Ben Malayang and the rest of the officials of the school administration for making me a part of today’s convocation here in Silliman University.

While advancements have been made in our country’s educational system in the field of modern information technology, with better techniques and better equipment, we cannot close our eyes to the reality that in these benighted parts, time has stood still for more than half of our population. Sadly, even the basic components of public education never reach millions of Filipinos.

Free public education as enshrined in our Constitution and the basic components of its support mechanisms have become a grave concern in this country whose citizens now belong to the world’s poorest. And this is where social responsibility should become part of our mission and our advocacy.  Continue reading “Patas na Laban, Para sa Lahat”

In support of equal opportunities for all

Speech during the Midyear Session of the Philippine Dental Association, Baguio City

It has been a privilege to be working with you for the passage of the Philippine Dental Act. Not only have our interactions been most pleasant; it is always nice to see so many smiling faces with pearly white teeth.

In the same breath, let me add the observation that proper dental care has become a luxury for most Filipinos, particularly the poor. But what of course is even more pathetic is that proper health care has become a luxury as well, inaccessible and unaffordable to most.

Our interaction for the passage of the Philippine Dental Act showed how cooperation between lawmakers and civil society can result in responsible legislation that benefits all.  Continue reading “In support of equal opportunities for all”

Investing in good governance in the interest of equal opportunity for all

Speech during the 8th Annual Convention, Philippine Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, The Manila Hotel

Thank you for inviting me to share my experience in public service, almost two years as chief of our national police and seven as a Philippine legislator.

There have been extraordinary strides in health practices during the last fifty years – vaccines, better equipment, we even have the opportunity to reclaim the fountain of youth.

We, who are present in this pavilion, are living in relatively blessed circumstances for outside this place, real problems beset a great number of Filipinos.  Continue reading “Investing in good governance in the interest of equal opportunity for all”

In the Service of Equal Opportunities for All

Speech before the Cebu Jaycees, Inc., 61st Chapter Induction and Turnover Ceremonies, Cebu City

Good evening.

There are three big, commonly repeated lies on earth: When a delinquent American tenant tells his landlord the check is in the mail, when a Japanese lover tells his friends he is more romantic than a Frenchman, and when a Filipino politician tells his audience he is about to deliver a short speech.

Permit me to thank the organizers of the JCI Cebu for making my homecoming possible.  Continue reading “In the Service of Equal Opportunities for All”

Serving Others by Creating Equal Opportunity

Speech before the Rotary Club of Manila, Manila Polo Club, Makati City

After I accepted your invitation as your guest speaker today courtesy of Mr. Mon Pedrosa, a hearing on the WB mess was subsequently scheduled on this same day. So I requested Rotarian Mon if I could arrive just a little late, 1 p.m., 1:30 p.m., so I would be able to participate and spend more time asking questions in the WB hearing.

What I got from Mon was a big flat ‘No,’ with the threat that if I arrived late, he would be very embarrassed and be left with no option but to resign from the Rotary. I love Rotary, being a Rotarian myself, and I cannot allow Mon, a good Rotarian, to resign from the Rotary. In fact, I am a proud Rotarian. I used to be a very proud Rotarian until Jocjoc Bolante barged into the scene.

When it came time to choosing a service organization, I quickly identified with the Rotary because of its motto: Service above self.  Continue reading “Serving Others by Creating Equal Opportunity”

Speech at the Naga College Foundation

Some 45 years ago, I was very much like any one of you. Maybe in a far worse situation. For what would you expect from poor parents having eight children, wanting to send each and everyone of them to school and finish college?

But those were good times. Those were times of good governance. Noong araw patas ang laban ng bawa’t mamamayan sa ating bansa. Equal opportunities, rich or poor, provided you have the talent, you have the intelligence, you have the capacity, you have the capability, puwede kang umangat sa iyong kinalalagyan.

Over time, that good governance deteriorated. Even during the time when tri-media was not as efficient as today, people seem to appreciate the transparency in government.  Continue reading “Speech at the Naga College Foundation”

Speech at the 4th Pahinis Festival in Laua-an, Antique

You know, on the way here, I was talking to several people. Nagtanung-tanong din ako about Laua-an, and I came to a conclusion, if only Laua-an is the Republic of the Philippines, siguro masaya ang mga Pilipino.

One reason – I learned na walang utang ang munisipyo pero mayroon pang surplus na P13 million for this year, kaya sinabi ko, kung itong Laua-an ay Republika ng Pilipinas, sana wala tayong binabayaran na trilyon taun-taon sa WB, sa IMF, sa mga creditor banks kung saan-saan, year after year. We’re suffering a budget deficit of at least P200 billion, ang ibig sabihin nito, not only us but our children, our grandchildren will have to pay for the deficit, for the debt that wala naman silang kinalaman, na wala tayong kinalaman, ito’ y hiniram ng ating mga iba’t ibang administrasyon, tayo ngayon ang nagbabayad, tayo ang nagsa-suffer.  Continue reading “Speech at the 4th Pahinis Festival in Laua-an, Antique”

Patas na Laban, Para sa Lahat: Towards a Society of Equal Opportunity

Speech at a symposium organized by the Political Science Society, Far Eastern University, FEU Auditorium, Manila

Let me begin with a true story.

Once upon a time there was a couple from Cavite who had eight children and making both ends meet was a constant struggle. The husband’s ancestors were of the landed gentry in Iloilo and how their side of the family got to Luzon is another long story altogether.

The father was a jeepney driver. And so the wife had to augment the family income by selling dried goods in their town’s public market. There were times when the couple had to forego their share of the day’s meals because the brood of eight always came first.  Continue reading “Patas na Laban, Para sa Lahat: Towards a Society of Equal Opportunity”