Category: Past Speeches [before the 17th Congress]

The Cancer of Corruption

Speech before a public forum sponsored by the Concerned Citizens Movement, Manila Polo Club, Makati City

Let me begin with a short story.

A big acacia tree crashed on a segment of the fence surrounding Malacanang palace. Hence, it needed immediate repairs. Wanting to show “hands-on” leadership, the lady tenant came down to oversee the bidding among competing contractors.

Contractor Nr 1 is from Amsterdam – “Madam, I can fix it for P900,000.”  Continue reading “The Cancer of Corruption”

The Change You Want to See

Speech before the Laguna State Polytechnic University, Siniloan, Laguna

Parents, distinguished guests, the honorees, members of Class of 2008: before anything else, my warmest congratulations.

Pero bago ang lahat palakpakan muna natin ang ating mga magulang. Kung hindi sa kanila hindi mauuuso ang graduation. Palakpakan din natin ang ating mga guro, kung wala sila wala tayong lahat dito ngayon.

You finally made it but before you can continue on your way, you must face one final hurdle – my commencement address.  Continue reading “The Change You Want to See”

A Challenge to the Graduates

Speech to the Graduating Class of 2008, Iloilo City National High School, Molo, Iloilo City

Good morning.

Lubos gid ang akon kalipay nga maimbitahan liwat diri sa Iloilo, tungod ang mga Lacson halin sa Molo. Una sa tanan, palakpakan natin ang aton mga ginhikanan nga yari dri subong. Without our parents, we will not be where we are now.

I salute all of you for your accomplishments and I congratulate everyone who has supported and made this moment possible for all of you.  Continue reading “A Challenge to the Graduates”

Meeting the Challenge of Political Governance

Speech before the Negros Press Club

The former Japanese ambassador once told me there are three most prominent lies on earth. One, when a delinquent American tenant tells his landlord the check is in the mail. Two, when a Japanese lover tells you he is more romantic than a Frenchman. The biggest lie of them all is when a Filipino politician tells you he is about to deliver a very short speech.

To the newly inducted officers of the Negros Press Club, to the respected members of the Negrense media, ladies and gentlemen, good evening.

I am honored to be here today to talk about meeting the challenge of political governance in the context of today’s political morality. Governance, both political and economic, is a prime theme and rightly so. Without accountability, it is difficult for our country to take off and I am with you in realizing this reality.  Continue reading “Meeting the Challenge of Political Governance”

Legacy of Corruption

Speech before the Rotary Club of Makati, The Peninsula Manila

Only last Friday, I was here in Makati joining tens of thousands of our countrymen who represented tens of millions of other Filipinos who thought enough is enough of corruption and cover-ups yet unprecedented in Philippine history.

The government’s response is, the economy is doing great. That the peso is relatively stronger is a fact. That the economic indicators show good numbers is another fact.

But the numbers are still leaving a lot of us out.  Continue reading “Legacy of Corruption”

Walang Ku-Corrupt!

Speech before the “Wala nga bang Ku-Corrupt?” forum, NCPAG Assembly Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

Masyadong mahaba ang listahan ng corruption I will enumerate. As you see, the title is Walang kukurap. I’ll tell you later why. I would like to thank you for this opportunity to give my two-cents worth on today’s most difficult challenges – that of poverty and the presence of unmitigated corruption.

That the peso is relatively stronger is a fact. That the economic indicators show good numbers is another fact.

But these same numbers are still leaving a lot of us out.  Continue reading “Walang Ku-Corrupt!”

Corrupt-Free 2010

Speech before the Rotary Club of Downtown Manila, Corregidor Function Room, Century Park Hotel, Manila

Good evening.

Once a Japanese ambassador told me there are 3 most common lies on earth. No. 1 lie, is when an American tenant tells his landlord, the check is in the mail. It is not to be believed. No. 2 lie, when a Japanese lover tells you that he is more romantic than a Frenchman, don’t believe him. And the 3rd most common lie is when a politician tells you he’s about to deliver a short speech. Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Rotarians, don’t worry. This is going to be a short speech.

Let me first thank president Henry for giving me the opportunity to be here and share my views on corruption, poverty and what 2010 should mean for all of us.  Continue reading “Corrupt-Free 2010”

The Facts, the Truth, and a Story

Speech before the United Nations Youth Association of the Philippines Summit, Siliman University, Dumaguete City

At the end of this summit of young leaders, let us all resolve, you and I, to bring back those days, when life was kinder, when public service meant exactly what it spells, when the basics were available to all. It is a tall order, but never has this country been short in supply of the talent needed to reverse what seem today to be irreversible.

And begin we must by the power of good example, whether we are leaders, or we will be in some not-too-distant future, the beneficiaries of such leadership. And I hope that each of the participants in this United Nations Youth Association of the Philippines summit would Believe, Innovate, Lead, Inspire and Build.

There is an Indian Proverb, which goes like this:  Continue reading “The Facts, the Truth, and a Story”

Where Honor Has Become Alien

Speech before the Rotary Club of Quezon City, Club Filipino, San Juan City

I speak to you tonight in what can best be described as living in the worst of times, which collectively we can make the best of times.

We are incessantly told, through media and public pronouncements, that the economy is on a roll. The proof, we are told, is that the peso is at a seven-year high compared to the weakening American dollar.

The proof, we are told, is that the stock market is booming, where even worthless paper sells for ten times its book value.  Continue reading “Where Honor Has Become Alien”

Against Corruption: A Clean Political Leadership – The Only Way

Speech before the Federation of Accredited Customs Brokers and Forwarders of the Philippines, Traders Hotel, Pasay City

I am very happy to be with you tonight. I have a message to give. But more importantly, I’d listen to yours.

To President Marivic Briones goes my gratitude for her very kind words; and earlier, to her very kind invitation. She is one lady whose word does not fall into a lapse of judgment.

I know where her heart is. It beats everyday for the amendment of Sec. 29 of RA 9280.  Continue reading “Against Corruption: A Clean Political Leadership – The Only Way”