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‘Bakit Higit Doble ang Presyo ng Gobyerno Kesa Private Sector?’: At the Senate Hearing on the COVID-19 Situation

At the hearing of the Senate Committee of the Whole on the government’s response against COVID-19, Sen. Lacson questioned the seeming overprice in the purchase of equipment to address the pandemic.

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On the Proposed Mass Hiring of Contact Tracers

Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III, one of the few sensible souls in the Cabinet, has proposed to prioritize the hiring of contact tracers en masse to boost efforts to stop transmission and provide jobs to stimulate the economy through spending.

Contact tracing is a key first step in addressing the COVID-19 threat. It should provide the baseline data or reference on who to test. Without it, our mass testing will be like shooting at the moon or running around like headless chickens.

Kung maipapatupad ang mungkahing ito nang maayos, maaari nating lutasin agad ang dalawang problema.

Ang bagay na ito ay nasa kamay na ng liderato ng Department of Health: Maiimplementa kaya nila ang mungkahi ni Secretary Dominguez?


On Rep. Castro’s ‘Version’ of Tuesday Evening’s Meeting on the 2019 Budget

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Not true. Instead, my suggestion didnโ€™t sit well with the congressmen.

Executive Secretary Medialdea and Finance Secretary Dominguez in fact favorably endorsed my suggestion to President Rodrigo Duterte as a practical and logical approach to break the impasse, especially when I informed the President about the House of Representatives substantially slashing the P72.319-billion DPWH appropriations for the agencyโ€™s MFO1 and MFO2 (Major Final Output), which will have negative implications on the governmentโ€™s ‘Build, Build, Build’ program.

What was obvious last night is that the suggestion didnโ€™t sit well with the congressmen because they cannot be sure if all their realignments will be adopted. Itโ€™s all about their pork, not mindful if they will be derailing the flagship projects of the government.