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πŸ“» Interview on DWIZ | Jan. 13, 2018 πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

In an interview on DWIZ, Sen. Lacson answers questions on:
– Constituent assembly
– Prospective timetable for amending the Constitution

Quotes from the interview…
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On reported scenarios involving Charter change

The opposition need not invent the best antidote to Charter change. No less than the two leaders of both houses of Congress have started campaigning against it, albeit subliminally.

Floating a no-el and term extension scenario, as recent history would suggest, won’t help their advocacy to shift to a federal form of government, inevitably via an amendment of the Constitution.


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On ex-Commissioner Faeldon’s reported call for a review of legislative immunity

This Faeldon never ceases to amuse me. After displaying ignorance of the provisions of the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines imposing zero tariff on cement importation to the Philippines from another ASEAN country under AFTA, he is now calling for a review of the legislative immunity granted to the senators and congressmen, not understanding that it is a constitutional provision which says, “No Member shall be questioned nor be held liable in any other place for any speech or debate in the Congress or in any committee thereof.” (Sec 11, Art VI)