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Peace and Order: The Key to Sustainable Foreign Investments in the Philippines

Speech Before the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Valle Verde Country Club, Pasig City

First of all, I would like to thank all of you – most specially Chair ROSALINDA D. EVANGELISTA – for your very kind invitation. Likewise, let me take this opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Come hell or high water, we all will celebrate a merry Christmas. We all will welcome with hope the New Year of 2003.Β  Continue reading “Peace and Order: The Key to Sustainable Foreign Investments in the Philippines”

The Lions in Service

Speech Before the Manila Regency Lions Club

Every anniversary is always an occasion for jubilation. When that anniversary means 30 years of service and commitment – such as your anniversary today – then the world must pause and take notice. Let me, then pause and greet the Manila Regency Lions Club a Very Happy 30th Anniversary!Β  Continue reading “The Lions in Service”

Hope and the Filipino

Speech delivered before the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines
Mandarin Hotel, Makati City

First of all, I would like to thank the officers and members of FOCAP for inviting me to this forum.

I am here to speak and share my views on the current political, economic and security situation in my country.

Except for the political situation which serves as a source of amusement if not entertainment for our people at times, the economic and security fronts are very depressing and frightening to most of us.Β  Continue reading “Hope and the Filipino”


Speech Before the Philippine Association of LocalΒ Treasurers and Assessors

I know why you have invited me today. You want my support to your proposal to amend certain provisions of the Local Government Code of 1991. I want to assure you now of my support.

I have two suggestions to make, though. One, please share with me during the open forum the details of your proposal. I will be asking some questions. Two, form a dedicated working group from PHALTRA to sit down with my staff. In the meantime, I will inform Senator Aquilino Pimentel of our discussions. He is the father of the Code. And he is committed to improve it before he bows from the Senate.

If you agree with my proposal, then lend me your ears for a few minutes. I have a very important message to deliver. I said this message to the Rotarians of Batangas yesterday. I want to share it also with you.Β  Continue reading “PHALTRA”

National Security

Speech Before the Rotary Club of Downtown Batangas

It always feels good to be with my fellow Rotarians. Even though I have not been as active when I was in Cebu, the saying goes perpetual right: Once a Rotarian, always a Rotarian.Β  Continue reading “National Security”

The President and Public Service

Speech at the Induction Ceremony of Masters in Public Administration Association, Inc. of Western Mindanao State University,Β Marcian Garden, Zamboanga City

In the life of every association – such as yours – the alpha and omegas are marked by the annual induction of officers. New leaders come in where the others go out. Predecessors give way to successors. As a matter of course.Β  Continue reading “The President and Public Service”

Paglilingkod sa Bayan

Speech at the Cavite Flag-Raising Ceremony

I am very happy to be with my fellow Cavitenos today. I have come to say my thanks for all your continuing support especially to our beloved governor, Erineo “Ayong” Maliksi.Β  Continue reading “Paglilingkod sa Bayan”

In the Company of Predators

Speech at the Senate Flag-Raising Ceremony

Let me first thank Senate Secretary Oscar Yabes for his very kind invitation. He must have liked my maiden privilege speech last Monday to invite me to deliver my maiden flag-raising speech today.Β  Continue reading “In the Company of Predators”