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#PingSays: On Rep. Arroyo as House Speaker | July 25, 2018

Ako, naniniwala ako lahat ng tao may redemption. Anuman ang ‘kasalanan’ niya sa nakaraan, lalo sa akin.” – Sen. Lacson, in an interview with Senate media


#PingSays: Senate to be united on Charter change issue | July 24, 2018

In an interview, Sen. Lacson said the Senate will have a united stand on the issue of Charter change.

Quotes from the interview…  Continue reading “#PingSays: Senate to be united on Charter change issue | July 24, 2018”

On the ‘Leadership Change’ at the House of Representatives

If only for the timing and manner the coup d’etat in the House of Representatives was carried out, I would say it was awkward, ugly, low and disgraceful. In a manner of speaking, even the traditionally symbolic mace was in a maze yesterday at the Batasan, not knowing whose authority it would represent between the two contending personalities.

Regardless of whether it was Rep. Arroyo or somebody else replacing the ousted Speaker, what happened yesterday is a strong argument against a parliamentary form of government where patronage politics plays a major, if not the only, role in selecting our country’s top leader.

If GMA’s ascension to the speakership is a prelude to becoming Prime Minister, they better think twice because the Senate, both majority and minority, have agreed to close ranks to defend and assert our role under the 1987 Constitution in revising or amending the same. That, I can say with certainty and conviction.


On the Dismissal of the Plunder Case against Former President Gloria Arroyo

Mrs. Arroyo has suffered enough, having spent six years in detention under an extremely difficult physical condition.

Even for purely humanitarian consideration, I support the Supreme Court’s ruling to free her and accord her some comfort for the remaining years of her life, which are not really that many, considering her age.

As I have repeatedly said, while I will never forget who they are, I have forgiven all my tormentors for the past nine years under her administration, living or dead.


On the Granting of Bail for Former President Gloria Arroyo

While it is bad enough that GMA has been granted temporary liberty, the worse implication is that it posits the existence of a weak electoral sabotage case against her by the joint DOJ-Comelec panel.

One obvious lesson learned from the experience is, we cannot build up a strong case through press releases and media interviews.

Rather, it takes hard work and the gift of skill and well-rounded knowledge of law, not to mention the rules of court and proper legal procedures to accomplish the same.


Controversial Arroyo Aide in Entourage Makes Medical Trip Abroad Fishy

A controversial aide, the lack of extradition treaties in her real preferred countries, and the silence on which doctor she will meet with are making former President Gloria Arroyo’s plan to seek medical help abroad smell fishy, Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson said Thursday.  Continue reading “Controversial Arroyo Aide in Entourage Makes Medical Trip Abroad Fishy”

Lacson Suggests ‘Solomonic’ Solution on Arroyo Foreign Trip

Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson on Sunday suggested to Justice Secretary Leila de Lima a “Solomonic” solution in addressing former President Gloria Arroyo’s request to seek medical treatment abroad.  Continue reading “Lacson Suggests ‘Solomonic’ Solution on Arroyo Foreign Trip”

What’s Surprising About PGMA Flunking MCC Challenge?

What’s new about the present administration flunking yet another scorecard of the Millennium Challenge Corporation?

Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson posed this question as he said he would be more surprised if the Arroyo government got a passing grade from the MCC.  Continue reading “What’s Surprising About PGMA Flunking MCC Challenge?”

Lacson: Palace Response to Corruption ‘Only in the Philippines’

Only in the Philippines.

This was how Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson lamented the response of Malacañang to yet another survey indicating she is the “most corrupt” country’s history.  Continue reading “Lacson: Palace Response to Corruption ‘Only in the Philippines’”