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On the Philippines’ Travel Ban to Taiwan

Image courtesy: The Filipino Times

Just like the termination of the Visiting Forces Agreement, the Philippine government’s travel ban to Taiwan is a policy decision implemented by the executive department which may not necessarily be correct, health-wise and politically.

Politically, it seems that the China lobby has become a very powerful force under this administration. Only time will tell if this major shift in the country’s foreign policy will benefit our people in the medium and long term – even as in the immediate term, the travel ban may already have potentially dire consequences for our Filipino workers there.

We elected a President who does not appear to give much importance to counsels and consultations with sectors that could very well help him arrive at well-informed decisions. While I do not question his sincerity in trying to solve the problems besetting our country since the time the millennials of the world were not even born, I still hope he can leave his own legacy worth remembering.

Having said that, I continue to support his leadership but I will not stop calling him out on major decisions which I don’t think serve the best interest of our country and people.


‘Unity of Command’: At the Senate Hearing on the 2019-nCoV Situation


At the Senate hearing on the 2019-nCoV situation, Sen. Lacson emphasized the principle of unity of command in addressing the problem, with the Department of Health taking charge because “this is a health issue.”

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#PingSays: On the President’s health, latest proposed amendments to the Constitution | Oct. 10, 2018

In an interview, Sen. Lacson answers questions on:
– speculations on the health of President Duterte
– proposed amendments to the Charter by the House
– possibility of suspending fuel taxes

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On Whether the Public Deserves to Know about the President’s Health

The health of the president of any country is not his or his family’s private affair alone. It is a matter of public concern. Having said that, it behooves Malacañang to disclose the current state of health of the president if only to quell any speculation about his health. The public deserves nothing less.

Anyway, they will surely understand that PRRD is presently exposed to all kinds of stress and physical exhaustion due to the numerous problems besetting the country, not to mention the sight of our soldiers being transported in coffins by military aircraft with all the grieving families waiting to bring them to their respective provinces. That indeed is very stressful.


Speech before the Philippine Dental Association

Philippine International Convention Center

Among the traits Filipinos are known for is our ability to wear a smile even in our most trying times – to stand back on our feet even after a disaster, and recover from any adversity.

Today is yet another privilege for me. Not only have my meetings with the Philippine Dental Association been most delightful; it is always pleasant to have an audience with professionals who make possible Filipinos’ pride in their wide, healthy smiles that reflect a genuinely good state of oral wellness.

Quite a decade has passed since we first worked together, but it only seems like yesterday.

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Efficient Tax Collection, Not Text ‘Tax,’ Needed for Health, Education

Before telling telecommunications companies to practice “social responsibility” by allotting 20 percent of text message profits to a special fund for health and education, government should first practice some responsibility of its own in collecting taxes efficiently.  Continue reading “Efficient Tax Collection, Not Text ‘Tax,’ Needed for Health, Education”

The Facts, the Truth, and a Story

Speech before the United Nations Youth Association of the Philippines Summit, Siliman University, Dumaguete City

At the end of this summit of young leaders, let us all resolve, you and I, to bring back those days, when life was kinder, when public service meant exactly what it spells, when the basics were available to all. It is a tall order, but never has this country been short in supply of the talent needed to reverse what seem today to be irreversible.

And begin we must by the power of good example, whether we are leaders, or we will be in some not-too-distant future, the beneficiaries of such leadership. And I hope that each of the participants in this United Nations Youth Association of the Philippines summit would Believe, Innovate, Lead, Inspire and Build.

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Lacson Wants ‘Savings’ from Debt Payments Channeled to Health, Education, Research

With the peso projected to strengthen further well into 2008, Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson proposed channeling “savings” from debt interest payments to basic services like health, education and research.  Continue reading “Lacson Wants ‘Savings’ from Debt Payments Channeled to Health, Education, Research”