‘Unity of Command’: At the Senate Hearing on the 2019-nCoV Situation


At the Senate hearing on the 2019-nCoV situation, Sen. Lacson emphasized the principle of unity of command in addressing the problem, with the Department of Health taking charge because “this is a health issue.”


Unity of Command:

Sen. Lacson stressed the principle of unity of command in dealing with the nCoV situation, with the DOH taking charge. “What happens to the principle of unity of command? I thought this is a health issue, and the DOH should be the first line of defense and should be designated as the Office of Primary Responsibility.”

You shouldn’t be blaming other people because this is a health issue. And it’s wrong to point to the BI and CAAP, it should be the initiative of the DOH. What we have here as Sen Pangilinan mentioned earlier is a failure of leadership.”

The DOH should be in charge, on top of the situation. Not the CAAP, BI, DoTr but the DOH.”

Devolved health services:

Sen. Lacson lamented that while health functions had devolved to the local level, the funding is still with the DOH. “Whenever a person who wants to seek medical assistance and they go to their local government executives, sasabihin sa kanila devolved ang function pero pondo sa DOH. When this person goes to the DOH, hindi ie-entertain kasi wala sa amin yan, punta kayo sa LGU. That is the problem.”

Contact Tracing:

Earlier, Sen. Lacson suggested that the DOH coordinate with the DoTr or the Civil Aeronautics Board, in its contact tracing efforts. “Hindi ba pwedeng mag-usap and order the airline to produce a manifest?

Preventing Second, Third and Fourth Deaths:

In the final point of his interpellation, Sen Lacson urged concerned agencies to act quickly. “Pakibilisan nyo lang para wala na ang second death or third death or fourth death. Pakibilisan lahat ang gawa.”