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#PingSays: ‘Shared’ House Speakership; Death Penalty Bill; Sen. Bato | July 9, 2019

In an interview, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
possible effects of a ‘shared’ House Speakership
– possible ‘pork’ in the budget, amending the 1987 Constitution
– Senate’s continued independence even with ‘the President’s men’
– passage of death penalty bill
– Sen dela Rosa’s ‘S*** happens’ statement

Quotes from the interview…
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On Whether to Take Up Calls for Sen. de Lima’s Release in a Senate Caucus

No way. We should all understand and respect our criminal justice system. The Senate cannot and will not interfere with the courts that have jurisdiction over Sen. de Lima’s drug cases.

Having said that, the judiciary is independent of the executive and legislative branches. The same goes true, and even worse, in the case of foreign organizations and groups that are calling for her immediate release.

They have no business in arrogantly asking our president to release Sen de Lima. That’s totally uncalled for.


Preserve Senate Independence

The Senate should reassert its independence anew amid fresh efforts to divide it and project it as a Malacañang lackey on the mess involving corrupt and collusive practices marring local infrastructure projects funded by the World Bank.  Continue reading “Preserve Senate Independence”