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Speech at the Naga College Foundation

Some 45 years ago, I was very much like any one of you. Maybe in a far worse situation. For what would you expect from poor parents having eight children, wanting to send each and everyone of them to school and finish college?

But those were good times. Those were times of good governance. Noong araw patas ang laban ng bawa’t mamamayan sa ating bansa. Equal opportunities, rich or poor, provided you have the talent, you have the intelligence, you have the capacity, you have the capability, puwede kang umangat sa iyong kinalalagyan.

Over time, that good governance deteriorated. Even during the time when tri-media was not as efficient as today, people seem to appreciate the transparency in government.  Continue reading “Speech at the Naga College Foundation”

Walang Ku-Corrupt!

Speech before the “Wala nga bang Ku-Corrupt?” forum, NCPAG Assembly Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

Masyadong mahaba ang listahan ng corruption I will enumerate. As you see, the title is Walang kukurap. I’ll tell you later why. I would like to thank you for this opportunity to give my two-cents worth on today’s most difficult challenges – that of poverty and the presence of unmitigated corruption.

That the peso is relatively stronger is a fact. That the economic indicators show good numbers is another fact.

But these same numbers are still leaving a lot of us out.  Continue reading “Walang Ku-Corrupt!”

Corrupt-Free 2010

Speech before the Rotary Club of Downtown Manila, Corregidor Function Room, Century Park Hotel, Manila

Good evening.

Once a Japanese ambassador told me there are 3 most common lies on earth. No. 1 lie, is when an American tenant tells his landlord, the check is in the mail. It is not to be believed. No. 2 lie, when a Japanese lover tells you that he is more romantic than a Frenchman, don’t believe him. And the 3rd most common lie is when a politician tells you he’s about to deliver a short speech. Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Rotarians, don’t worry. This is going to be a short speech.

Let me first thank president Henry for giving me the opportunity to be here and share my views on corruption, poverty and what 2010 should mean for all of us.  Continue reading “Corrupt-Free 2010”


Speech before the Rotary Club of Manila East

There are three things we Rotarians must not believe. One, when your delinquent tenant tells you that the check is in the mail. Second, when your fellow Rotarian tells you that he’s going home straight from a Rotary meeting. And three, when a politician guest speaker promises to deliver a short speech. My fellow Rotarians, don’t worry. My speech tonight won’t be very long.

I do not recall any previous invitation by the Rotary Club of Manila East and San Miguel. I will not ask why. But I will tell you why I am here tonight.

My main message is one and simple. Call it immutable and it is. We have but one country. All we need are very good leaders to inspire us.  Continue reading “We Have But ONE COUNTRY”

The Incredible Hulk (Chapter One)

Mr. President, Distinguished colleagues in the Senate of the Republic:Mr. President, Distinguished colleagues in the Senate of the Republic:

I rise today on a matter of personal and collective privilege.

It has been more than two years since this representative was pilloried before media through accusations so vile and propaganda most vicious. So vile and vicious in fact that this chamber of peers took notice, conducted investigations complete with nationally televised public hearings and just recently, unveiled on this floor a committee report which would give the public the impression that my detractors were somehow right.

Continue reading “The Incredible Hulk (Chapter One)”