The Incredible Hulk (Chapter One)

Mr. President, Distinguished colleagues in the Senate of the Republic:Mr. President, Distinguished colleagues in the Senate of the Republic:

I rise today on a matter of personal and collective privilege.

It has been more than two years since this representative was pilloried before media through accusations so vile and propaganda most vicious. So vile and vicious in fact that this chamber of peers took notice, conducted investigations complete with nationally televised public hearings and just recently, unveiled on this floor a committee report which would give the public the impression that my detractors were somehow right.

The committee report that came out of the hearings conducted by three committees had been signed and sponsored on the floor. The same charges had been investigated in other fora, before the Ombudsman even, and dismissed. The prime witness, Angelo Mawanay, whose forked tongue the Senate committees dignified through public hearings has since recanted his false testimony, and pointed even to the very powerful spouse of the President of the Republic, as the one who masterminded his false revelations.

I took little notice of such recantation and confession.But then, recently, I learned Mawanay’s confession about the involvement of the First Gentleman in the demolition job against this representation was, indeed, the truth.

Not only because the lawyer who was tasked to take care of Mawanay was indeed a regular fixture in the office inside this building in Makati, a certain Atty. Victor Padilla, but also because during all the time that I was being falsely accused by Victor Corpus, he was also visiting the First Gentleman in the same building.

And sometime in the second week of July 2001, the soldier-turned-NPA-turned-soldier-again, whom civil society recently honored, received a brown envelope containing a huge amount of dollars courtesy of the First Gentleman.

If you may recall, Mr. President, the Secretary of National Defense admitted during the “Question Hour” in this same floor, that public monies were authorized to be used by no less than the commander-in-chief, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to finance a fishing expedition sent to Hong Kong and the United States by agents led Mr. Corpus from June 2 to July 5, 2001. In fact, it was included in a written progress report submitted by a certain Col. Mario F. Chan, team leader of that ISAFP/PNP team sent abroad by Chief ISAFP Corpus dated June 28, 2001 stating among others that “on May 20, 2001, Her Excellency, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo approved the mission to the United States based on the recommendation of Colonel Corpus.” It was an expedition that came out with fabulous sums in more than a dozen foreign accounts, which to this date have not been substantiated.

I did not know until recently that apart from these public monies, private money coming from dubious sources had also been given Mr. Corpus.

Neither did I know until recently that another lying witness by the name of Mary Ong, alias Rosebud, had also been a frequent caller of the First Gentleman in his office in Makati.

In fact, this woman was a visitor in the same office on November 28, 2002, one of the First Gentleman’s last callers before he accompanied his wife on a state visit to Japan.

While he and the President were yet enjoying the hospitality of the Emperor of Japan, back here in the country, Police Superintendent John Campos was gunned down mercilessly in a roadside eatery in Parañaque, during the wee hours of the morning of December 5, 2002.

Less than an hour after the killing took place, Mary Ong’s voice was on the airwaves, accusing this representation of having ordered the silencing of Superintendent Campos, a wild accusation even the bereaved family of the deceased would not buy.

Yet upon the return of the First Gentleman to the country, who but no less than Mr. corpus would be his very first caller in the early afternoon of Monday, the ninth of December 2002?

I cannot help but wonder Mr. President what the trio talked about on those two separate occasions, one, just before and the other, immediately after Supt. John Campos was gruesomely murdered. Suffice it to say, Mr. President that as per our own independent investigation, we now have some vital evidence to identify Supt. Campos’ murderers and masterminds.

These startling revelations have aroused my curiosity about this office in this building in Makati, and the actuations of the very powerful gentleman who lords over it, in league with lesser mortals who exercise such great power and influence over the life of this nation, be it in politics, or business, or even judiciary.

Being an investigator for thirty years, I could not prevent my itch to sleuth.

And today, I share with you, Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen of the Senate, documented findings about this man and his office in Makati.

There is an Indian proverb, which goes like this:

“Tell me a fact and I will learn. Tell me a truth and I will believe. Tell me a story and it will live forever in my heart.”

Let me tell you a fact: Corruption thrives and enjoys incredible and unprecedented growth in the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo government. We all heard about the telecommunications scam, the PCSO anomaly, the jueteng scandal, Diosdado P. Macapagal Boulevard, rice smuggling and many more untold stories of corruption and shady deals.

Even the Washington Times agrees. The day after the bombing occurred at the Marriot Hotel in Jakarta, some three weeks after a confessed terrorist escape from Camp Crame, it editorialized:

“As a result of al-Ghozi’s escape, which is the result of corruption in Mrs. Arroyo’s government, the world can expect many more bombings and countless more innocent deaths like yesterday’s.”

Let me tell you the truth: I have in my possession voluminous documents and written testimonies of witness that prove tons of money have been delivered and are being delivered, to a powerful man, I will now fondly call “The Incredible Hulk.”

Money, I understand, keeps him calm and collected, the word collected, in this instance means to “collect.”Now let me tell you a story: Our story tells of a true-to-life world of corruption, extortion, money laundering, character assassination and betrayal.

For lack of material time, I will only deal today with Chapter One.

Our story begins in this incredible building on 118 Perea Street in Legaspi Village. Next to Malacañang, this is perhaps, the most powerful place in the country. This building has become the citadel of power abuse, where incredible deals are cooked and sinister schemes plotted.

This is the LTA building – home to “what-are-we-in-power-for” people. This place is a money machine where government deals are hatched and fortunes amassed.Let me call the roll, Mr. President.

Ephraim Genuino, Chairman and President of PAGCOR, the gambling monopoly who visits this incredible building regularly, or sends his personal representative, Mr. Ryan Cordeta, to bring in big boxes or big bags.

Edgar C. Manda, General Manager of the international airport, who is likewise chief incorporator of Lualahati Foundation.

Jocelyn Joc-joc Bolante, Undersecretary of Agriculture, who reports regularly at this building either alone or in the company of an Indian rice trader, Mr. Kishore Hemlani.

Hemlani used to be a small garments trader more than a decade ago. He is now the biggest importer of rice, most, if not all of it smuggled from his native India.

Ernest Villareal was Chair of the Public Estates Authority, until a scandal arose from the most expensive boulevard in the universe, named after President Diosdado P. Macapagal.

Rey Nadal, who uses Subic Bay Freeport as the headquarters of his massive import operation of new and slightly used vehicles.

Virgilio Angelo, former General Manager of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, since transferred as Administrator of the OWWA which has billions in trust funds, the “pawis ng bagong bayani.”

Alfonso Cusi of the Philippine Port Authority.

Atty. Teddy Cruz of the Light Rail Transit Authority.

Ramon Tulfo, certified extortionist masquerading as a columnist.

Alex Magno, political analyst. Dating kagalang galang. Sayang.

And a lady, who I am told, is related to Jarius Bondoc, another media figure, a Ms. Marissa Bondoc.

Ronaldo Puno, prominent political operator.

Atty. Vic Padilla, the handler of Angelo “Ador” Mawanay.Victor Corpus erstwhile ISAFP Chief. GMA’s favorite.

Mary Ong Gaba a.k.a. Rosebud.

One associate justice of the Supreme Court, newly appointed, was a recent visitor sometime in the first week of May 2003, or after the 13-0 decision on the Kuratong Baleleng case in my favor was unbelievably reversed to a 10-4-1 verdict.

Another associate justice is a bit smarter. He meets with “The Incredible Hulk” in another floor of the same building, LTA Building is the place where criminal minds are given unlimited funds and access to government resources for illegal purposes, where manufactured evidence, concocted stories and blatant lies are orchestrated to demolish whom the Perea gods wish to destroy.

The mantra at LTA is: Keep the money flowing and you keep the Incredible Hulk, Mr. Jose Miguel “Mike” Arroyo, continuously calm and continuously collected … and his gang of operators, con artists and demolition machines continuously well funded and fearless.

Yes, the Mr. Jose Miguel Arroyo I mentioned is, indeed, the partner in everything of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Rather, in almost everything. One of the most profitable partnerships ever…

Senador at Bise Presidente pa lang si GMA, maganda na ang tubo ng Macapagal at Arroyo partnership Very, very profitable… for Very Special Outstanding People.Proofs, I shall present.

Our investigation uncovered that Mr. & Mrs. Jose Miguel Arroyo received at least P321M in contributions ” from supporters and favor seekers.”

We have a long list.

Among the donors include The Firm of Carpio, Villaraza & Cruz, which gave P3.5 million;
a Franklin Fuentebella, whose name is the same as the one linked to the Multitel scam gave P.5 million;

Mr. Lucio Co, the biggest importer of everything from canned goods, dressed chicken to housewares looks like a piker with just P.5M;

Reghis Romero of the Dos Palmas Resort episode, gave P2 Million;

DPWH Secretary Florante Soriquez, whose current net worth is only P1.5 Million, but gave P600T. I wonder what his net worth was when he gave his contribution more than his net worth, maybe?

And the presidential political liaison, Mr. Joey Rufino, gave all of P2 Million.

Out of the P321M that entered the Perea coffers, only P50.2M was spent, as officially submitted to the Comelec by the campaign manager, Mr. Jose Miguel Arroyo.

So, what happened to the balance of P270.8M? Where did it go?

There are three possibilities where you can park P270.8M:

1. Inside a six foot vault

2. Use a foundation

3. Open a secret bank account

A foundation as front? That’s when we remembered Cong. Mark Jimenez and his hot expose on Lualhati Foundation.Curiously, it was just about this time when President Arroyo surprised the nation by announcing that she will no longer join the 2004 elections.

Was she afraid that the P8 million contribution of Mark Jimenez to Lualhati Foundation that actually ended up at Union Bank Perea branch would be discovered?

Was she afraid that the proverbial can of worms involving other transactions would blow up on her face?

First, we remembered the news article, Our mission was to look for Deposit Account nos. 000730014836 and 000730012839. We also remembered Jose Miguel Arroyo complaining that Jimenez besmirched his “name and reputation”. He asked, “Am I just worth P8M? Is it in my name? Did it go to my bank account?”

Please allow me to provide the answer. Only two checks worth P3M ended up at Union Bank Perea Deposit Account No. 000730012839 under the name of Lualhati Foundation with Edgar C. Manda, airport manager as the signatory.

The other check of Mark Jimenez ended up in Union Bank Perea, Deposit Account No. 000730014836 under the name of a Jose Pidal.

Who is Jose Pidal? Our investigation led us to LTA building! Pidal’s business address is 8/F LTA Bldg., Perea St., Legaspi Village, the same business address as Mr. Jose Miguel Arroyo.

We found one of Jose Pidal’s returned checks where Mark Jimenez’s contribution for GMA foundation ended up.But, who is Jose Pidal?

Initially, our investigation led us to Morgan Stanley, one of the largest, if not the largest investment houses in the world. Curiously, both Mr. Jose Pidal and Mr. Jose Miguel T. Arroyo are valued clients. They share the same address, the 8th floor of LTA Building.

They also have the same financial advisor, Mr. Ronald Gin, Associate Vice-President for Investments of San Francisco, California. Let’s travel to San Francisco later, in the meantime let’s go local.

Let’s look at Jose Pidal’s return check again…. and compare Pidal’s signature with Mr. Jose Miguel Arroyo’sLet’s take a closer comparison…

An even closer comparison…

One more time…

Mr. Jose Pidal a.k.a. Mr. Jose Miguel Arroyo better get a copy of the Anti money Laundering Act or, better still, get his lawyers now.

Mike Arroyo was right. Mark Jimenez’s checks did not go to his bank account. It went straight to Jose Pidal’s account.

Mr. President, that is not all for Mr. Jose Pidal. He also has a bank account at BPI Family Bank. Perea branch of course.

But that’s another story.

If Mr. Jose Miguel Arroyo a.k.a. Jose Pidal launders money, we ask the next question: Could he have other washing machines?

We discovered three more washing machines of Jose Miguel Arroyo a.k.a. Jose Pidal:
Kelvin Tan, Thomas Toh, Jr. Victoria “Vicky” Toh

Who is Kelvin Tan?

Well, he’d better be a rich businessman or a “heredero” because this Kelvin Tan is loaded. Let’s take a look at Kelvin Tan’s batik statement.

Surely, the 8th floor of LTA building must have good feng shui. Everybody in that floor seems to have a fat bank account!

That’s not all. Kelvin Tan maintains a bank account at International Exchange Bank Perea branch. But that’s another story.

Wow, Philippines!

More than P20 Million in just a month’s bank statement. Or a total of P41 Million if you add the Union Batik deposit.

And how many people do we know issue “pay to cash” checks with amounts in millions? Kelvin Tan does.

P2 Million, pay to cash on Dec 4, 2002. P8 Million, pay to cash on Dec 5, 2002. P10 Million pay to cash again, on Dec 5, 2002.

These checks are pre signed.


But first, who encashed those checks? A trusted employee of LTA, Inc. … Tony Labrador.

So trusted is this Mr. Antonio Labrador that he even accompanied Mr. Jose Miguel Arroyo and son, Mikey to Hongkong aboard PR 318 on July 18, 2003. This was the trip where The Incredible Hulk reportedly hand carried an incredibly big, black bag aboard the plane, which he clutched all the way to Hong Kong and refused to entrust to the flight attendants eagerly offering to secure the same at the storage bin.

Wow, Philippines!

Is Kelvin Tan a corporate genius? For a little background, Kelvin had a failed shoe repair shop. And, his dream was to put up a laundry business. I read somewhere he was not able to put up that Laundromat but it looks like he still ended up involved in a laundry operation.

Finally, a “poor” person front the 8th floor of LTA. Only P177 thousand in this statement, although his most recent bank statement shows a P7.5M ending balance.

If you’re a keen observer, did you notice something that seems to be always appearing in those Union Bank statements?

Yes, Victoria “Vicky” Toh!

Who is Victoria/Vicky Toh? Why do millions and millions of pesos pass through her?

Does she even exist? One thing is sure though. Her bank accounts exist. And again, her address is in that luckiest address in the country.

But is there a live Vicky Toh? Or could she be a female version of Jose Pidal? After all, the name Toh could suspiciously stand for “hot” spelled backwards.

Guess what? Victoria/Vicky Toh lives.

Meet the mysterious Victoria/Vicky Toh.

Who is Victoria/Vicky Toh?

What does she do to be able to have P53 Million balance in one bank statement month?

Victoria/Vicky Toh is really the “Toh triad” of 8th Floor LTA bldg. Thomas Toh is Victoria/Vicky’s brother. Kelvin Tan is her brother in law. The father of Victoria/Vicky Toh and Thomas Toh Jr. owns and operates Anton’s Construction Supply, a rather small hardware on General Kalentong St., Mandaluyong City.

Vicky Toh works as a personal secretary / accountant of Mr. Jose Miguel Arroyo.

Victoria/Vicky Toh,  Thomas Toh Jr.,  Kelvin Tan.

And, of course, Jose Pidal.

Mr. Jose Miguel Arroyo’s laundry machines.

For their sake, I can only hope they declared all those millions in their income tax returns. Otherwise, they can always hire “The Firm’ of Mr. Jose Miguel Arroyo.

As of July 30, 2003, documents revealed the following ending balances:Jose Pidal: P36.6 MillionVictoria Toh: P19.3 MillionThomas Toh: P7.5 MillionKelvin Tan: P21.1 MillionLualhati Foundation: P48.2 Million

Not really much, if we go by Jose Miguel Arroyo’s standards. So, the more interesting question is: Where does the bulk of money go?

There are more bank accounts abroad and large tracts of land and real estate properties purchased here and abroad by “The Incredible Hulk”.

Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, I bet Chapter Two of our story will be more interesting.

In the meantime, this representation humbly asks that this matter be referred to the Committee on Accountability of Public Officers, chaired by no less than our esteemed colleague from Bicol and Makati City, the locus of this story.

I recall that when our esteemed colleague ran successfully for the Senate, he did so on the resolve to which I fully subscribe, and I quote: “Ubusin ang mga Corrupt!”

I likewise move to refer the same to the Committee on Constitutional Amendments, Electoral Reforms Revision of Codes and Laws, so that appropriate measures may be crafted to plug loopholes in campaign spending and reporting regulations. As well as to the Committee on Ways and Means, so as to tighten our tax laws, especially as they affect “non stock, non profit” foundations, and to review ‘the implementation of the Anti Money Laundering Act which, this representation originally authored.

I so move Mr. President.

Before Mr. Arroyo and the President decide to dismiss our charge as another plot by the opposition to destabilize the administration I wish to point out that the issues I raised today are precisely the very issues that our people have bewailed about our government These are about the unabated corruption in the highest levels of government, not simply in the lower bureaucracy, nor in the military establishment but right in the heart of Malacañang, or at least in its “extension office’ the LTA Building located in 118 Perea St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.

I dare the Arroyo conjugal partnership to tell our people to ignore the facts and documents I exhibited without explaining themselves. It will only serve to confirm what our people have long suspected about our national leaders.

Mr. President, distinguished colleagues:

Our nation is in grave crisis. And our people know that at the root of this all is corruption so endemic, corruption so incredibly huge. Our people are fed up and tired of this type of corruption and hypocrisy practiced by the Arroyo administration.

I therefore urge this chamber to heed our people’s call for transparency and an honest government. It is time rot real change.

Kaya naghihirap ang ating Bayan ay dahil sa malawakang katiwaliang ngaganap nang walang habas at pakundangan. Kaya malawak ang katiwalian sa pamahalaan ay sa dahilang ang namumuno ang siyang nangunguna sa paglikha ng katiwalian. Sawang sawa na ang ating mga kababayan!!

Hindi na natin kaya ang ganitong uri ng pamamalakad.

Thank you, Mr. President, distinguished colleagues for your time.