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#PINGterview: The Mangahas Interviews

In an interview with Malou Mangahas, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
* Tarlac shooting incident
* Need for proactive stance vs terrorism
* Pork barrel system
* Fight vs corruption

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On the Policeman who Shot Dead a Mother and Son in Tarlac

If what’s on video tells the whole story, I enjoin the Philippine National Police leadership to show no mercy. They should spare no effort to make sure that he rots in jail. He’s the last policeman that they need in the force.

As a policy recommendation, policemen should turn in their issued firearms to their unit’s armorer or supply officer when on off-duty status. That said, they should not be issued Permits to Carry Firearms Outside Residence (PTCFOR) while still in the active service.

The PNP should always uphold its motto “To Serve and Protect.” That includes taking appropriate steps to protect our people from scalawags in their ranks, whether they are on duty or not.