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The Lions in Service

Speech Before the Manila Regency Lions Club

Every anniversary is always an occasion for jubilation. When that anniversary means 30 years of service and commitment – such as your anniversary today – then the world must pause and take notice. Let me, then pause and greet the Manila Regency Lions Club a Very Happy 30th Anniversary!Β  Continue reading “The Lions in Service”

Public Service, Public Security

Speech Before USA Student Council of Iloilo, Iloilo City

Last October 23, I had the opportunity to address the newly-organized confederation of student leaders from our state colleges and universities. I saw something common to all of them. It was the driving force to lead.Β  Continue reading “Public Service, Public Security”


Speech Before the Philippine Association of LocalΒ Treasurers and Assessors

I know why you have invited me today. You want my support to your proposal to amend certain provisions of the Local Government Code of 1991. I want to assure you now of my support.

I have two suggestions to make, though. One, please share with me during the open forum the details of your proposal. I will be asking some questions. Two, form a dedicated working group from PHALTRA to sit down with my staff. In the meantime, I will inform Senator Aquilino Pimentel of our discussions. He is the father of the Code. And he is committed to improve it before he bows from the Senate.

If you agree with my proposal, then lend me your ears for a few minutes. I have a very important message to deliver. I said this message to the Rotarians of Batangas yesterday. I want to share it also with you.Β  Continue reading “PHALTRA”

National Security

Speech Before the Rotary Club of Downtown Batangas

It always feels good to be with my fellow Rotarians. Even though I have not been as active when I was in Cebu, the saying goes perpetual right: Once a Rotarian, always a Rotarian.Β  Continue reading “National Security”

After EDSA II Reflections

Speech Before Rotary Club of Biak-na-bato and other Rotary Clubs of Rotary District 3780, Greenhills

Thank you very much for your very kind invitation.

Assistant Governor Danilo Espinosa and President Porfirio Belgica were considerate enough to suggest the topic that I would discuss with you. That is as it should be in every speaking opportunity.

Again, thank you very much.Β  Continue reading “After EDSA II Reflections”

Strong Government

Speech During the 2nd Globalaw Asia-Pacific Regional Conference, Manila Polo Club, Makati City

In my official capacity as Senator of the Republic of the Philippines, I am very happy to welcome all of you to our country. I hope that you will enjoy your short stay. You must.In my official capacity as Senator of the Republic of the Philippines, I am very happy to welcome all of you to our country. I hope that you will enjoy your short stay. You must.

We all are delighted at the degree of importance you place to your second conference as a global organization. That you selected our country to be your venue delights us no end. Let it not be the last. With Fortun, Narvasa, and Salazar Law office, you are in the best company, certainly and absolutely.

Incidentally, I happen to be one of the most celebrated clients of this law office. I honestly do not know whether the celebrity status belongs to the law office or mine. But I can tell you I am being taken care of very properly. Of course, I am also paying my legal fees very religiously.Β  Continue reading “Strong Government”

Paglilingkod sa Bayan

Speech at the Cavite Flag-Raising Ceremony

I am very happy to be with my fellow Cavitenos today. I have come to say my thanks for all your continuing support especially to our beloved governor, Erineo “Ayong” Maliksi.Β  Continue reading “Paglilingkod sa Bayan”

Tyranny of Corruption in a Soft State

Speech Before the Rotary Club of Chinatown Manila, Century Park Sheraton

I want to thank all of you for your very kind invitation. I am here to listen more and talk less. What you ask is more action and less speeches, better executives and wiser lawgivers.

There are two kinds of crisis in government – then and now. One is the quiet crisis among civil servants whose diminished quality of life persistently produces low morale. The other is the noisy crisis that arises from a lack of responsiveness in the bureaucracy to the citizenry. If we are to address both, is there a need to reinvent and reengineer government?

When we talk of reinvention or reengineering, we want to see a government that works better and costs less. The goal is admirable and beyond argument. There are, however, many questions about the means to achieve it.Β  Continue reading “Tyranny of Corruption in a Soft State”

In the Company of Predators

Speech at the Senate Flag-Raising Ceremony

Let me first thank Senate Secretary Oscar Yabes for his very kind invitation. He must have liked my maiden privilege speech last Monday to invite me to deliver my maiden flag-raising speech today.Β  Continue reading “In the Company of Predators”

In Defense of Dignity

Mr. President.

I rise today on the matter of personal privilege. Even now I want to thank you and my fellow Senators for this opportunity. It is to defend my honor and dignity in the eyes of my peers – and, hopefully in your hearts.

There is no Senator today more bothered broken, and burdened than this very humble representation. I have been demonized without notice. I have been sent to hell without trial.

Continue reading “In Defense of Dignity”