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On โ€˜Extraordinary Powersโ€™ for the President vs Water Crisis

Given a looming if not already existing water crisis, under Sec. 17, Art VII of the 1987 Constitution and existing jurisprudence (David vs Arroyo, GR No 171396 on May 3, 2006), Congress may delegate to the President the power of the state to take over the operation of public utilities.

However, the President has to declare an emergency, and if Congress delegates that power to him, the government must be ready to compensate whatever losses the private concessionaire/s would incur during the period of the government takeover.


Finally! End to the 2019 Budget Impasse | March 26, 2019

Sen. Lacson joins colleagues in explaining their proposed solution to end the 2019 budget impasse. Sen. Lacson also answered questions on:
– Manila Water’s decision to waive fees over water supply row
– Chico River loan agreement
– claims of former policeman Eduardo Acierto

Quotes from the interview…
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Interview on DWIZ: Ending the budget impasse | March 23, 2019

In an interview on DWIZ, Sen. Lacson answers questions on:
โ€“ย Senate-HOR meeting to end the budget impasse
– complaint filed by former Ombudsman and SFA vs Chinese leader before ICC
โ€“ย measures to prevent future water crises
โ€“ localized peace talks with CPP-NPA

Quotes from the interview…ย 
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