Political Amnesty Needed for Fresh Start

If only to create a fresh start for the country, Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson voiced support for a proposed political amnesty program, at least in principle. 

“We badly need to start over from a fresh slate. To do this, we have to cleanse our political system so we can move on,” he said.

Lacson was reacting on reports that a bill is being initiated in the House of Representatives pushing for a general amnesty program upon so-called enemies of the State, covering political offenses committed by insurgents, military and Muslim rebels.

Lacson said he would closely study the details of the proposed House bill – from its declaration of policy to its coverage — if only to make sure that it’s provisions are meant to achieve the ideal and desired goals.

Lacson said it is high time for politics to take the sidelines and give way to real public service and genuine reconciliation.

He expressed willingness to sponsor or co-sponsor a counterpart bill in the Senate after a thorough study of the said measure.