Set Aside Investigation, Help Families of Slain Soldiers in Mindanao Conflict Instead

Saying now is not the right time to act as `armchair generals,’ Senator Panfilo M. Lacson today rebuffed calls for a legislative inquiry anew into the heightened armed conflict in Mindanao. 

Lacson said that if lawmakers want to contribute to a solution in the Mindanao discord, they would be better off focusing on how to help the families left behind by the government troops slain in the clashes.

“It would be much better for lawmakers to keep quiet for now instead of commenting on the situation from the comfort of their air-conditioned offices. They may only be contributing to the problem by adding to the confusion,” he said.

He also said that while there is a proper time for lawmakers to call for an investigation into what caused the conflict, “now is definitely not the time.”

Besides, Lacson said it is the Armed Forces that has the expertise on tactical maneuvers to take in Mindanao at this time, and not senators or congressmen.

“Perhaps it would be better if lawmakers thought of ways to extend assistance to relatives left behind by those killed or injured in the line of duty. That is definitely better than commenting on something they know nothing about,” he said.

Lacson expressed hope that Senate Bill 195, which seeks to extend special financial assistance and benefits to the family or beneficiary of any police or military personnel or fireman killed or permanently incapacitated while in the performance of his or her duty, be expeditiously passed so as to alleviate the plight of soldiers’ families.