On MNLF Founding Chairman Nur Misuari’s Call for Amnesty for the Abu Sayyaf

Just by merely asking that the Abu Sayyaf be granted amnesty smacks of bad faith and scheming tactic on the part of Misuari. He is surely aware that we do not negotiate with terrorists. There is not even a shred of political ideology in every ASG member, only their insatiability for violence against helpless victims and of course, money.

While the AFP is in a relentless pursuit of a nearly decimated band of terrorists, here comes Misuari having the audacity to suggest amnesty. To think of our soldiers as well as their kidnap victims being tortured, mutilated and beheaded would be enough to make even the most decent human being think of retribution and vengeance.

The government should seriously consider asking the court that suspended Misuari’s warrant of arrest to immediately reinstate the same and put him in jail.