On the Killing of Mayor Espinosa Inside His Detention Cell in Leyte

Offhand, I can smell EJK (extra-judicial killing), and I base my conclusion on the circumstances that surround the killing. Having said that, I can’t understand for the life of me: 

1) how a prisoner inside a prison cell could even think of fighting back against police officers serving a warrant for his arrest;
2) why the CIDG officers and not the court personnel, say, just the sheriff served the warrant, since he was detained anyway;
3) why there was a need to serve the warrant personally on Mayor Espinosa when they could simply coordinate with the warden;
4) The only other prisoner inside the same cell was also killed, therefore no witness could testify.

Now, I dare them to answer these questions and more in order to convince me to believe their story.

I think that incident is the biggest challenge to the credibility of the PNP that could affect even the other operations involving drug suspects killed under similarly suspicious circumstances.

I will discuss the possibility of resuming the EJK investigation with Justice Committee chair Sen. Richard Gordon and focus on the Espinosa killing when session resumes on Monday.

My primary interest is in the possibility of cover-up for certain personalities in the father-and-son payola as the motive for the killing, not only of the mayor but even the lawyer earlier this year.