#PingSays: On impeachment and SWS survey ratings | Oct. 9, 2017

In an interview, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
– President Duterte’s score drop in recent surveys
– Expectations of possible impeachment trial

Quotes from the interview… 

On President Duterte’s survey drop:
“It was bound to happen kasi ganyan naman talaga ang trend. After the so-called honeymoon period nagkakadiprensya lang kung mas mabilis ang 1 presidente sa iba or the other way around. In this case medyo malaki ang drop. Pero kung gagawa siya ng adjustments in the way he deals with the opposition or with his allies or with Cabinet members or heads of agencies, doon makikita kung kaya niyang mag-bounce back. And I believe there should be some adjustments to be made.”

On looking forward to possible impeachment trial:
“No, not looking forward to it. Kasi ang daming trabaho nito, daming pending bills. Talagang maaksaya a good 2-3 months talagang tapon ito sa impeachment. So baka walang ma-accomplish.”