Atio Castillo Hazing Case: Senate Invites 14 Aegis Juris Alumni to Wednesday’s Hearing

The Senate has issued Notices to Appear to 14 alumni of the Aegis Juris fraternity, in connection with Wednesday’s hearing on the fatal hazing of law student Horacio β€˜Atio’ Castillo III.Β The hearing is scheduled at 9:30 a.m. of Wednesday, Oct. 18, at the Senate session hall. The Senate may subpoena those who do not heed the notice. Invited to attend are:

1. Atty. Cecilio Jimeno
2. Atty. Marvi Abo
3. Atty. Ferdinand Rogelio
4. Atty. Edzel Canlas
5. Atty. Henry Pablo
6. Atty. Gaile Dante Acuzar Caraan II
7. Atty. Gerald Tristan Villaroman
8. Atty. Arnel Berberdo
9. Atty. Allan Christopher Agati
10. Atty. Alston Kevin Anarna
11. Atty. Eric Fuentes
12. Nathaniel Anarna Jr.
13. Milfen Alvarado
14. Ronald Cheng