On the allegations made by Bobi Tiglao

With all due respect to Mr. Bobi Tiglao, he got his info wrong. One major consideration why AECOM won over Henning Larsen, their nearest competitor, and the three other finalists is their project cost which is the lowest at P4.58 billion (if I remember correctly).

Anyway, the P127-million-per-year rental that the Senate is paying GSIS for a subpar legislative building is our main reason for finding a need to look for a new and permanent home.

Having said that, several attempts were made to find a permanent home for the Senate in the past 18 years. It’s only now, after my colleagues tasked me in an adopted resolution as Accounts Committee Chair to make it happen.

I am one who makes sure to accomplish a task assigned to me. That has always been my training and I will not back down unless my colleagues tell me in another resolution to stop pursuing the same.


3 thoughts on “On the allegations made by Bobi Tiglao”

  1. Please senator lacson IMHO, this is ill timed. The optics of this new senate building shows opulence at nakakainis po. Baka po pwede naman magtipid ang senate specially ngayon tight ang budget ng mga tax payers. I believe you can find a way to make a proposal na kayang lunukin ng tax paying taong bayan. Salamat po.

  2. 🇵🇭 go go go Philippine Senate, never mind them, you deserved a home of your own,
    Better we see the tax payers money goes, rather than ghost projects🇵🇭

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