On the President’s reported remarks against God

In many conflicts with his political adversaries, I took his side more than I did not, even when sometimes I had my doubts because I believed he was different from all the presidents who led before him.

At times I thought he was God’s gift to a benighted land, hoping the elusive change for the better has finally come to our country under his leadership.

Between him and my God to Whom I pray every single day and with Whom I’ve found solace and comfort in all my difficult times, I don’t even have to think of my choice. May my God forgive him and make him atone for all his sins.


2 thoughts on “On the President’s reported remarks against God”

  1. Thank you for speakin up on this blasphemy! We should indeed assust him to go to a place where leaves don’t move without the hand of God the Almighty!

  2. Let’s all pray for all the people who like our beloved president, a ” lost sheep”. May the LORD give him the chance to return to the loving embrace of the CHURCH.

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