A Closer Look: Doctors Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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Doctors Pharmaceuticals Inc., owned by the family of DOH Sec. Francisco Duque III, seems to be a “lucky” business entity that sets aside health for wealth, as shown by the following documents.

Privilege Speech: PhilWealth and Department of Wealth
At a Glance: PhilWealth and Department of Wealth

Data sourced from the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) showed Doctors Pharmaceuticals Inc., with active Platinum membership, is an accredited corporation that bids for government contracts primarily with the Department of Health since Year 2005. Here are some of their Notices of Awards from 2016 to 2017:

The General Information Sheet of the company lists the owners of the firm:

In 2015, the FDA found Doctors Pharmaceuticals was also manufacturing for other companies, and issued on June 23, 2015 a cease-and-desist order and the “recall of all drug products from March 14 up to the present”…

… Yet, an inspection report of the Food and Drug Administration showed the firm continued its operations. The FDA also found non-conformance to GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice of Doctors Pharmaceuticals Inc, hence the company to immediately cease and desist from further manufacturing, distributing, and offering for sale, all concerned products for not complying with good manufacturing practice:


Despite the recorded violations of the company as food supplement manufacturer, it still managed to apply and acquire automatic renewal of its License to Operate in 2016. This is a case of setting aside health for wealth.” – Sen. Lacson in his privilege speech on July 29, 2019