On the Whining and Howling over ‘Pork’


I was alone in this fight against pork for a long time. Now that many like-minded colleagues in the Senate are equally committed to do the same, with more reason I should be more vigilant.

The whining and howling of Congressman Castro and his like-minded colleagues will not distract me from performing my mandate of scrutinizing the budget measure.

As for those House members who abused the hard-earned money of taxpayers for the longest time that they availed of ‘pork,’ they are the ones who should apologize to the Filipino people.


One thought on “On the Whining and Howling over ‘Pork’”

  1. Sana po i-publish din ng malaman ng taong bayan kung sino-sino ang mga nagrereklamo sa ginagawa ninyong paghadlang sa pork. “Mga kababayan, HUWAG IBOTO ang mga kongresistang yan!”

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