Ensure Right-of-Way: Interpellation of the DoTr Budget for 2020

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In his interpellation of the Department of Transportation’s 2020 budget, Sen. Lacson reminded the agency to settle right-of-way issues before starting to implement its projects.


Right-of-Way Issues:

Sen Lacson reminded the DoTr to settle right-of-way issues before it starts implementing projects. He noted the DoTr’s disbursement rate for 2017 is evidently low at 39.2%; and 40.7% in 2018. For 2019, it is 39.7%.

If you fail to settle ROW issues, you cannot start your project and bababa ang obligation rate ninyo and of course utilization rate.”


He asked why the DoTr did away with its special provision ‘DoTr shall ensure’ settlement of ROW issues. “My issue here, this special provision is consistent with ROW law.”

Ok lang naman by stations nyo settle ang ROW while project is ongoing pero dapat settle ninyo before commencement of project. Otherwise magka-delay-an. I understand kung 500 km stretch gagawin nyo kung hintay nyo buong 500 km it will delay the whole project. But it should be consistent with provision of ROW law. Kung inalis ang provision we are in effect openly violating the ROW law.”


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