On Sen. Drilon’s Suggestion for a Special Session to Pass Bayanihan 3

While the intention may be good, let us first take a serious look at the situation. Since the Department of Budget and Management already said that the government coffers have dried up, hence funds are no longer available, the bigger question remains: Can we still afford more borrowings intended for dole-outs instead of for other productive purposes to boost our economy? The last thing we need is ending up in a ‘Sisyphean’ situation.

Our best option is to have a sense of urgency and allow the private sector more participation with better flexibility in the vaccination program – true to the government’s ‘whole-of-nation approach’ theme, which is turning out to be mere platitude and lip service.

Then, if we really need to pass Bayanihan 3, the national and local governments must first get their act together to update the data on the intended recipients of the social amelioration program since what the Department of Social Welfare and Development is using is a five-year-old list that is already out of date – hence real-time needs and priorities are not being properly addressed, not to mention the corruption involved in the distribution of such dole-outs because of such a defective list.


One thought on “On Sen. Drilon’s Suggestion for a Special Session to Pass Bayanihan 3”

  1. Sir, please just allow the private sector without bureaucratic hurdles, to do qhat they want to do. Bureaucracy always kills creativity. The private sector is always more creative anyway.

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