The Kind of Leader Our Country Needs Now

Running for President of this country should not be aimed against any particular person. Rather, it must purely depend on our honest desire to uplift the lives of our countrymen who have suffered more than enough from incompetence and shameless corruption, mostly caused by the callous machinations of those in power whose conscience has given way to their greed.

If it hasn’t sunk in our consciousness yet, we are at war with the Covid-19 pandemic and its multiple allied forces:

* poverty and hunger due to massive loss of jobs and closure of less competitive business establishments;

* humongous national debt and alarming budget deficit;

* stiff competition with our Asian neighbors for foreign investments and tourism even after the Covid-19 virus leaves us

On another front, we are confronted by continued “aggressive incursions” into our territorial waters in the West Philippine Sea, thus endangering our sovereign and territorial rights over our legitimate ancestral possessions.

We cannot anymore afford a “more of the same” brand of leadership during this crucial time in our nation’s history. We should know by now that it doesn’t work.

We need a leader, not a pretender. We need a good leadership track record, not apprenticeship; we need tested honesty and integrity in public service, not lip service and double-speak.

We need a leader who can decisively push the button after careful discernment and consultations with experts based on science and data-driven facts, not a trial-and-error experiment because the lives and well-being of our people are at stake – but not to the point of being paralyzed by over-analysis.

We need a leader who will use the national budget as a tool for meaningful social services especially in the health, education and livelihood sectors as well as the development of the entire country – particularly the remotest local government units – not to keep the loyalty of political allies or make political enemies submit themselves due to pressure and intimidation.

This is the kind of leadership that we need. Filipinos deserve no less.